Storable Marketplace Help

The Overview Page


The Overview tab gives you a quick snapshot of how your facilities are performing on the SpareFoot network. By providing all of your facilities’ key performance metrics in one place, the Overview tab saves you valuable time and quickly answers some of the most commonly asked questions, such as “How many reservations has my facility received?”, “Where can I see how many times my listing has been viewed?” and “How many SpareFoot reservations have converted to move-ins?”.

NOTE: The Overview tab is only available for accounts with two or more facilities.

You can access the Overview dashboard in your MySpareFoot portal by clicking on “Overview” in the left-hand navigation bar.


The Overview tab contains 7 different columns: Facility Name, Minimum Bid, Current Bid, Views, Reservations, Move-Ins, Units Available and Avg. Reservation Window.

You can easily sort the rows according to which metrics are most important to you by clicking on the corresponding column header. For instance, if you’d like to see your facilities in alphabetical order, simply click the “Facility Name” column header. If you’d prefer to sort your rows by the number of reservations, click the “Reservations” column header.

You can also quickly view metrics for just one specific facility by typing the name of the facility into the search bar at the top of your dashboard.

Each column gives you month-to-date metrics. To view metrics for another month, click the date selector button in the top right-hand corner and choose a different month from the drop-down.

Your performance metrics can also be downloaded for your own reports by simply clicking the “Export Spreadsheet” button in the upper-right hand corner of your dashboard.

Facility Name

The Facility Name column gives you a list of all facilities in your SpareFoot account.

You can quickly access the Features section of your MySpareFoot account by clicking on the name of your facility in the column. From there, you can update your facility details such as unit availability, hours, photos and more. Completing Your Facility Details can help ensure that your listing is providing storage-seeking customers with all they need to know about your facility.

Need to add another facility to your account? You can add a new facility to your SpareFoot account by simply clicking the “Add Facility” button in the upper right-hand corner of your Overview dashboard.

Minimum and Current Bid

Under SpareFoot’s New OneTime pricing option, our one-time SpareFoot fees are based on a percentage of your unit's price. This percentage amount is your facility's Minimum Bid. For example, the one-time SpareFoot fee on a $50 unit will be 1.50 x $50 = $75.00.

Your bid can also influence your facility’s position in SpareFoot search results. If you increase your bid modifier, you'll be able to see your current bid under the Current Bid column. To learn more about this bidding, visit our Bidding Help Center article.


The Views column shows how many times your listing has been viewed on the SpareFoot network.

A view is counted anytime your listing is selected or “clicked” on from the list of SpareFoot search results. The number of facility views provides valuable insight into your facility’s performance on the SpareFoot network such as how well your facility’s value is being communicated to potential customers.  


The Reservations column shows how many reservations your facility has received during the selected time frame (not reservations with a move-in date during that time).  

If you have a high number of views but your reservation numbers seem low, our Dashboard + Analytics Help Center article provides several tips on how to not only drive more views to your listing but also how to convert more of those views into reservations!


If your account is integrated and is set up with auto-reconciliation, the move in column will update as we are able to match up customers who have moved in. If you have a manual/non-integrated account, the move-in column will update after reconciliation has been completed for the previous month. 

Units Available

In the Units Available column, you can see a quick snapshot of your overall supply.

If your storage management software is integrated with SpareFoot, this column will show you the total number of units you have available on the SpareFoot network. If your facility does not use storage management software or you still need to integrate with SpareFoot, this column will show the total number of unit groups you have available on the SpareFoot network.  

Did you know that facilities with five or more unit types get 60% more bookings than those with only one unit type? You can see this tip and more by viewing our Dashboard + Analytics Help Center article.

Avg. Reservation Window

The Avg. Reservation Window column shows the average number of days in advance that you allow customers on SpareFoot to reserve units at your facility.

Setting a custom reservation window enables you to set longer or shorter reservation windows dependent on your business needs. For instance, while high-occupancy unit groups might require a short reservation window to encourage more immediate move-ins, unit groups with a low-occupancy rate could benefit from a longer reservation window to accommodate tenants who prefer to reserve in advance.