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You can now select "protection plan" as an alternate option to insurance. Check out the amenities section in MySpareFoot if you would like to make an update.

SiteLink Web Edition - Managing Your Non-Integrated Promotions


Perhaps you have chosen to integrate your inventory with SpareFoot, but haven’t quite decided to sync your promotions as well. Not to fret! Your facility-wide promotions, unit-level promotions, or a combination of both, can easily be managed manually from your MySpareFoot account.

Managing Facility-Wide Promotions

To begin, login to your MySpareFoot account and navigate to Features > Details, then scroll to the "Special Offers" field.


Next, type your promotion in the "Special Offer" field. Keep in mind that the promotion you type here will display on ALL units at your facility. These promotions will be overwritten if you have unit-level promotions assigned, which we discuss below. As with all promotions, you'll want to ensure that your promotions are clearly written and include any terms or conditions.


Don't forget to save your changes!

Managing Unit-Level Promotions

To set unit-level promotions, you will navigate to Features > Units.

Features-Units_082017.jpg Next, select the unit groups that you would like to add promotions to. Once you have made all of your selections, click "Edit Selections".

NOTE: If you would like to set promotions only for specific unit numbers, just click "Detailed View" next to the unit group. You can then select just the specific unit numbers you'd like to add promotions to.


In the "Edit Selections" screen, select the "Promotions" option. You can then enter in your unit-level promotion. As mentioned above, you'll want to ensure that your promotions are clearly written and include any terms or conditions. Also, remember that unit-level promotions will override any facility level promotions you have set.


Don't forget to save your changes!

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