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How Are SpareFoot Fees Calculated? (RentPercent Pricing)


This article pertains to SpareFoot users under our legacy RentPercent pricing model. Please note, this pricing model is no longer available to new SpareFoot clients. To learn how this works for our current OneTime pricing model, please read this article.


On RentPercent pricing, you pay SpareFoot a monthly percentage of the rent collected from each confirmed move-in for the tenant's length of stay.

You can find the percentage that you pay SpareFoot for each move-in by logging into your MySpareFoot account and clicking on My Account and then Corporate account. 



You’ll find the Account Payment Terms below your address.


In order to calculate the monthly fee for a SpareFoot customer, you would simply multiply the rent collected from the customer during the previous month by that percentage.


For example with a fee percentage of 25%: