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What Makes a Good Photo on SpareFoot?


Your facility photos make a major first impression on potential tenants, and they're a great way to stand out from the competition! We recommend uploading three to five of the most flattering and best quality photos you can get of the outside and inside of your facility. We’ve found that listings without any photos leave a lot of unanswered questions and customers are less likely to reserve as they are unsure of what to expect.

Choosing a default photo

Profile images are the main "cover" photo customers will see when viewing your facility listing in SpareFoot's search results so you'll want to choose a photo that best represents your facility and makes the strongest first impression. Based on customer research, we recommend a high-quality photo of the property's storefront. We also recommend sticking to photos of your actual property. Logos, generic stock photos or photos of employees tend to be less appealing to customers. While these types of photos can be very helpful, they may not serve as the best feature photo.

What are customer looking for in facility photos?

  • Cleanliness - Customers want to see clean units where their belongings will be stored. Cleanliness is one of the top priorities that customers mention when evaluating a storage facility.
  • Security and safety - Customers want to be able to evaluate the safety of the facility as well as the surrounding area. Showcase security features such as gates and cameras that will make customers feel comfortable reserving at your facility.
  • Recognition - Sometimes customers are hoping to reserve at a facility they have seen before. Include a street view photo that will make it easier for them to know if they found the correct facility and also help customers locate your facility on move-in day.

Tips to get the best photos

  • Think about your facility's selling points, and take photos of the features you like to highlight on tours. What are you and tenants most excited about?
  • If you have any unique units with multiple doors, shelves or lighting inside, potential tenants want to see them.
  • Include a photo of your front desk area, so customers are familiar with the facility before visiting in person.
  • The best time of day to take photos is dusk or dawn when natural light is soft and the most flattering.
  • Details like ambiance and curb-appeal are important - show your facility at its best! Make sure your property is well-kept, your space is free of clutter, and your lawn/landscaping is neat and manicured.
  • Keep it simple! Too many focal points can overwhelm your customers and cause confusion.
  • Avoid showing any negative posted signs describing warnings and fees.

Better photos = more reservations! So, are you ready to begin wowing your SpareFoot customers? Head to one of the links below to learn how to upload photos to your listing!

Adding, Editing and Deleting Photos - Manual/ non integrated listings

Adding, Editing and Deleting Photos - Integrated listings

Want even more info about which photos make the best impression? Check out the Storage Facilitator's article about selecting photos for your website.