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How Can I Contact a SpareFoot Reviewer?


If you recognize the reviewer as a former or current tenant at your facility, you most likely have their contact information on file. You can also navigate to the Customers tab in your MySpareFoot account to view your SpareFoot referred tenants along with their contact information.

To respect the privacy of SpareFoot reviewers, we are not permitted to directly share any of their personal or contact information.

If you are uncertain of who the reviewer is, but you'd like to communicate with them regarding a review they left of your facility, you are more than welcome to post a public reply to their review. Often, customers will reach back out to you if your reply provides a resolution to their issue.

To post a response, log in to your MySpareFoot account and head to the Reviews tab. Select the review you'd like to reply to from the list and add your reply in the "Leave a response" text field. Once you click the blue "Submit" button, we'll take a look at your reply and then post it to the review.

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