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I'm Selling My Facility - What Do I Do?


Congrats! Hopefully, SpareFoot has been helpful in increasing your occupancy and securing a great sale for you. Next steps are outlined below.

Let us know

Please submit a ticket to our support team as soon as possible! We'll quickly deactivate your facility so that you won't receive any new reservations from our service.

In your ticket, please be sure to include the following:

  • Let us know the name of the facility you've sold.
  • Feel free to provide us with the new owner's contact information. 

What is your financial obligation to SpareFoot?

What is your financial obligation to SpareFoot?

Most likely, you have some pending charges on your account. Once we receive your ticket, we'll reply with an email detailing the total amount of your outstanding fees for any current tenants and/or pending reservations.

When a reserved customer hasn't yet appeared on your SpareFoot statement, it's called a pending reservation. This means we're not yet sure if they moved in or not. Even though you're removing this facility from SpareFoot, pending reservation are still active in our system. They are billable if they turn into actual rentals.

TIP: In most facility acquisitions, the new owner has agreed to absorb all outstanding bills and debts for the facility. Once SpareFoot charges you for these rentals, you can choose to invoice the new owner for repayment.

Once we receive your ticket letting us know that you're selling the facility, our friendly team will be sure to go over all of the details with you.