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Facility information - What's online, what's not?

When you provide SpareFoot with information about your storage facility, we can, in turn, provide the most accurate information to our storage-seeking customers. This information helps those customers make a well-informed decision about which facility they choose to reserve at.

Since all of the information we provide about your facility comes from you, this information can be easily edited and updated in your MySpareFoot portal.

The features section of MySpareFoot features seven main sections: Information, Units, Details, Amenities, Hours, and Photos.

The front-end of our site displays these sections to storage-seeking customers:

RULE OF THUMB: The information that customers see on is editable by you in your portal. To ensure your customers see accurate hours, units, amenities, and photos, simply make the modifications you need in your account and click "save". Your changes will publish to our site immediately.

But wait! There are a few exceptions to the rule of thumb.

Things you can update in MySpareFoot that won't show up on

  • Your phone number: Even though calls to all phone numbers on SpareFoot route to our call center, we still need your real phone number! 
  • Your admin fee & insurance information: We're working on a way to display this information to customers before they make a reservation, but these fees are a bit tricky to explain online to a first-time storage user. Your admin fee is displayed to customers on the confirmation screen they see after making a reservation online and in the confirmation email we send them letting them know their booking is confirmed. 
  • Your mailing address: We do not share your mailing address with customers.
  • Your website: This is used by us internally, in case we need to check or confirm any facility information on your site.
  • Your cell phone number: This is just to receive Tenant Connect Texts.
  • Your storage management software: Your software is your business. We use this information to know what software our clients are using at their facility so that we can better integrate our product into your workflow.

Things that show up on that you can't update in MySpareFoot:

If you rent Penske trucks at your facility, you'll get a flash badge on your SpareFoot page! This encourages customers to book a truck with their storage rental, and they even get hooked up with an awesome discount on their truck. If your facility page on doesn't mention your Penske trucks, please submit a ticket to our support team. We'll get that fixed ASAP!

Phone number
Remember, the phone numbers on are SpareFoot phone numbers. Calls to all phone numbers on SpareFoot route to our call center. 

Map pin
In the second screenshot above, you'll see a red pin on the map. This is the location where we think your facility is located. Making sure this is in the correct position is hugely important, because that's how we compute your facility's location when it comes to search results and site ranking. If this is off by more than a few hundred feet, please submit a ticket to our support team. We'll get that fixed ASAP!


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