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Tenant Connect FAQ


For a reminder about the differences between Tenant Connect Voice and Tenant Connect Text, check out this article!

What happens if a reservation is made when my facility is closed?

Tenant Connect Voice:

Based on the office hours you have listed for your facility in MySpareFoot, we won't trigger a Tenant Connect call when you're closed. Additionally, we won't make Tenant Connect calls to you during the first or last hour that you're open.

TIP: We know whether or not your facility is closed based on the office hours you've provided in MySpareFoot. For more on setting your hours, check out this article.

So, if your hours on Monday - Friday are 9 - 5, here's what would happen for reservations received on a Tuesday:

10:00 AM - We'd call at 10:10 AM
9:15 AM - We'd call at 10 AM
4:30 PM -We'd call Wednesday at 10 AM

Tenant Connect Text:

Texts are sent whenever a reservation is made - day or night - regardless of whether or not your facility is open.

What number does Tenant Connect contact?

Tenant Connect Voice:

We'll call your facility's public phone number.

TIP: You can set your facility phone number in MySpareFoot. For more on how to do that, check out this article. For a reminder about how phone numbers work on SpareFoot, check out this article.

Remember, your facility's public phone number is used for a few things:

  • We send your number to customers (via email) after they reserve a unit on SpareFoot, letting them know that they can reach out to you if they have additional questions or would like to schedule a time to move in.
  • Our internal teams will call you on this number if they're looking to speak with a manager to ask questions about your property.

Some facilities want one number to be used publicly and another number to be used privately by Tenant Connect. Common situations are:

  • Facilities that want Tenant Connect to call their cell phone, instead of a desk or office phone.
  • Facilities that have call roll-over enabled on their public number, where unanswered calls automatically forward to a call center or to a sister facility who would be unable to help with a Tenant Connect situation.

Fortunately, SpareFoot has the ability to use one phone number (the one you set in MySpareFoot) as your public phone number and set up another one to receive Tenant Connect calls. To configure this feature for your account, please submit a ticket to our support team. Just let us know the phone number you'd like Tenant Connect to call.

Tenant Connect Text:

We'll text the cell phone number you've specified for your facility.

TIP: You can set your facility's cell phone number in MySpareFoot. For more on how to do that, check out this article.

When I connect with the customer, what will the customer see on his or her caller ID?

Tenant Connect Voice:

The customer will see the phone number that Tenant Connect dialed (see "What number will be called?" above).

Tenant Connect Text:

Since we're texting you the customer's phone number, feel free to call the customer straight from your cell phone or by dialing from a landline. The customer will see whatever number you choose to call from on their caller ID.

What if multiple tenants make reservations within 10 minutes?

Tenant Connect Voice:

We'll space out the second and any subsequent calls by an additional 10 minutes. This extends the follow-up time marginally, but you won't have to worry about getting flooded with multiple calls.

Tenant Connect Text:

You'll receive texts in real time, immediately after each customer books their unit.

What happens if nobody picks up the phone when Tenant Connect calls my facility during business hours?

Tenant Connect Voice:

If your phone rings for more than 90 seconds but is not picked up, Tenant Connect will give up and call you back in 10 minutes.

If your voicemail or answering machine picks up, Tenant Connect will try to leave a message. Since the system is fully automated, the message might sound disjointed or the recording you hear might start in the middle of a sentence.

Please note that you cannot select any options from the menu (like "Press 1 to be connected with this tenant") from a voicemail message. You'll already have the contact information for your new tenant in an email we've sent you, so simply retrieve it from there and give the customer a ring!

Tenant Connect Text:

Not applicable.