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Reviews are a great way to attract qualified tenants - in fact, storage-seeking customers on SpareFoot's network are 50% more likely to choose facilities with online reviews over those without. SpareFoot's Review Request tool allows you to easily request reviews from your happy customers whether they came from SpareFoot or not. Previously, SpareFoot also provided facilities with a set of ready-to-mail review cards that could be distributed to happy customers. While SpareFoot no longer provides these review cards, you may still have a few at your facility desk which you are absolutely welcome to distribute to your customers.

The review cards ask for the same information that online reviewers provide on our website. Once completed by your customers, the cards can be dropped in the mail for posting to your facility listing! 

Once received on our end, the content of the review card will be subject to the same approval process as our online reviews. After approval, the review will be posted to your SpareFoot facility listing.

Here are some FAQs about SpareFoot's review cards:

  • How will SpareFoot know which cards are from my facility? 
    Each of the cards includes a four digit I.D. number on the bottom corner of the postage side. This number is recorded by SpareFoot at the time the cards are sent to your facility.
  • Do I need to mail the cards in an envelope or use postage of any kind?
    The cards are stamped with prepaid postage and ready to mail - just drop 'em in a mailbox as is and go about your day!
  • Why did SpareFoot discontinue the review cards? 
    Unfortunately, we did not have a high-rate of return on the review cards and have found consumers tend to prefer submitting their reviews online. On the bright side, the Review Request tool in your MySpareFoot account provides the same super easy service via email! 


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