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Centershift - Integration Instructions & Basics


Integration overview

This integration is totally free, and will be a huge timesaver. Major benefits are:

  • Enables you to update prices & availability in one place only (Centershift), never in MySpareFoot. This means well never book an occupied unit or misquote a price.
  • Reservations made on SpareFoot are pushed straight into Centershift, which enables great reporting about manager follow-up and eliminates timely data entry tasks when customers arrive to move in.

Integration bonuses:

Things to know:

If you're a new SpareFoot client and you're using Centershift, you may have opted to create your facility "manually." This means that you haven't configured the integration and opted to manage your units and prices in MySpareFoot, instead of using the free Centershift integration. (This also means you've already added hours, photos, and amenities in MySpareFoot to the non-integrated facility.) When you perform the integration (instructions below), you'll be creating a brand new facility in our system that doesn't have any of this additional information. We don't want to waste your time by reentering all that info. Just submit a ticket to our support team and we can do a super quick copy of the information in the back end!

  • When you first integrate, SpareFoot will pull some facility information from Centershift(the name, the hours, the phone number). Please note: SpareFoot doesn't continue to get this information from Centershift - this is something we only do on the first sync. If you have changes to make to your facility information, be sure to make them in MySpareFoot.
  • SpareFoot does a full sync with your inventory (to get new availability and pricing) each hour. If you've made a change in Centershift,please allow at least an hour for that change to publish to SpareFoot.

Ready to go? Lets do it!

Be sure you've read this article and have set your unit information (floor, climate, etc.)correctly from Centershift to SpareFoot. If there are problems with your inventory, you don't need to fix them before you complete the integration. However, problems will need to be fixed before your Centershift-integrated facility can go live on SpareFoot.

1. Email Centershift

Send one email to both and your Centershift account manager. The email should say:

Id like to integrate Centershift with my SpareFoot account. Please reply all with the following information for SpareFoot: An API Username, PIN, and API access Channel. Also, please create SpareFoot as an Lead Inquiry Source in Centershift.

2. Log in to your MySpareFoot account and select "Add Facility" from the facility dropdown

3. Select Centershift 4.0 from the list of softwares


4. Enter:

  • The username and PIN from your Centershift account manager
  • Your Centershift data site (normally SLC)
  • The API Channel, included in the email from your Centershift account manager

5. Accept the terms of service and SYNC!

And you're done!