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SpareFoot's Review Process


Online marketplaces like SpareFoot encourage customer-submitted reviews on their websites. For customers, reviews build trust in the website and help influence their buying decision. For business owners, having lots of reviews (on sites like SpareFoot, Yelp and Google Local) is one of the best and easiest ways to build and expand their online presence.

SpareFoot is 100% committed to making it easy for consumers using our website to leave reviews, but we also have safeguards in place to ensure these reviews are truthful. This protects the online reputation of the storage facilities using our service and keeps our site an objective and trustworthy resource for shoppers.

Read on to learn about how SpareFoot encourages truthful and relevant feedback from your customers to help you get the most bang for your internet buck!

PHASE 1: SpareFoot follows up with your customers

Shortly after their scheduled move-in date, all customers that reserve on SpareFoot will receive an email inviting them to leave a review of their experience. Customers that choose to leave a review will be entered into SpareFoot's monthly drawing to win a $250 Amazon gift card!

Pro Tip: Want to show off even more customer love? Use our Review Request Tool to ask for reviews from your happiest tenants - even if they didn't find your facility through SpareFoot!

PHASE 2: Your customers submit a review of their self-storage experience

Customers that choose to leave a review are asked to rate four aspects of their experience on a scale of 1 - 5 stars. These categories include overall experience, price, service and cleanliness.

Next, customers can also choose to share more details by submitting a brief written summary of their experience and whether or not they would recommend your facility to a friend.

PHASE 3: SpareFoot vets the review for compliance with our policies

To ensure that all submissions meet our review terms and conditions, a real person reads each and every review that customers submit on our site. Reviewers must also verify ownership of the email address used to submit their SpareFoot review; this ensures that your review was written by a real person, not a robot or spammer.

Additionally, each reviewer must agree and adhere to our Review Terms of Service and Guidelines.

PHASE 4: Approved reviews are posted to your listing

Once the review has been approved by SpareFoot's team, it will be posted to your facility listing on our network of sites. You'll receive a notification email from SpareFoot with the subject "New Review for [Your Facility]."

You can view your reviews in your MySpareFoot account by clicking on the Reviews tab. If you have several reviews, you can easily filter and sort your reviews by rating stars, date, or search your reviews for certain names or words.

Note: Due to possible legal implications, we no longer allow customers to rate facilities based on "security". Facilities which previously received security ratings may still see those in their MySpareFoot account, however, security ratings will not display on the facility listing.

PHASE 5: Keep the conversation open

SpareFoot allows you to reply publicly to any review of your facility. We encourage you to use this tool for both positive and negative reviews you receive; this gives you a chance to interact with your current reviewers and show off your incredible customer service to prospective tenants!

Pro Tip: Not sure what to say? Check out our article about best practices for replying to reviews to learn what makes a great reply!

SpareFoot's transparent review process makes it easy to build your online presence with truthful reviews from your self-storage customers.

So, are you ready to get reviewed? Use our Review Request Tool to contact your happy customers and start accumulating reviews today!