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Adding & Editing Payment Methods


It's super easy to add or edit payment methods in MySpareFoot!

First, navigate to the Payment Information area of MySpareFoot

Click on My Account in the top right hand corner of any page in your MySpareFoot account, then click on Payment Information from the dropdown menu.

The page is divided into two sections:

  • Your Payment Methods: At the top, you'll find the payment methods you've already added to your account.
  • Payment Method By Facility: At the bottom of the page, you'll find a list of all facilities on your account.

Your Payment Methods

This is a list of all of your active payment methods on your account.

If you need to:

Just click "Edit/Replace" to the left of the payment method: 



Payment Methods by Facility

You'll find a drop-down menu next to each facility's name. In the above example, the client has three storage facilities on their account and two payment methods on file. If the client wants to change charges for Storage Facility #2 from charging on the VISA to charging on the Amex, just click the drop-down menu for Storage Facility #2. You'll see the other payment methods - select the Amex!



Adding a new facility? You can add a new Payment Method!

When you add a new facility to your SpareFoot account you'll be taken to a payment configuration page. You'll have the option to use one of the payment methods you have on file or add a new one!

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