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What Payment Methods does SpareFoot Accept?


SpareFoot accepts payment from facilities either by credit card or by ACH. SpareFoot's charges occur on the eleventh day of each month.

TIP: Want a refresher about SpareFoot's billing calendar? Take a look at our Billing and Statement F.A.Q. to learn all about how our charges work.

Remember, you have a chance to review all of your SpareFoot charges before they bill! We provide you with ten full days to review any pending charges on your monthly statement. That way, there won't be any surprise charges.

Credit card

SpareFoot can charge all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

TIP: You can add or edit the existing credit cards we have on file in your MySpareFoot account. 


SpareFoot can automatically debit your checking account. These charges are done by electronic draft. You'll get monthly receipts from SpareFoot that will line up to debits in your checking account.

TIP: You can configure your account for ACH simply by completing and returning our ACH form.