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How Do I Report that a Tenant has Moved Out? (RentPercent Pricing)

⚠️ These instructions pertain to SpareFoot users under the RentPercent pricing model. If your account is set up on OneTime pricing, you can find reconciliation instructions in our article: How do I reconcile my statement? (OneTime Pricing).

SpareFoot bills you monthly for a confirmed move-in until the tenant moves out of your facility. Once the tenant vacates their unit, it's super important that you mark them as "moved out" in your next monthly statement to avoid being overcharged. 

Important: Your monthly statement is asking how much rent you collected from each customer last month. For example, if you mark a tenant as "moved out" on your June statement (which you're reconciling in early July), you're telling SpareFoot that the last time the customer paid you rent was in May.

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

The customer will be in the "tenants" section of your statement

Remember, your SpareFoot statement is broken up into 3 sections: Late Move-Ins, Needs Your Review, and Tenants. You can only move out a customer in the Tenants section. For an overview of the different statement sections, click here.

1. Click "edit" next to the customer's name


2. Click "no"


3. Select "moved out"


Then click "submit".

Once you've saved a customer as "moved out" in your monthly statement, you'll notice

  • The customer paid $0 in rent
  • The SpareFoot fee is adjusted to $0.

Once the reconciliation period closes, the customer will not appear on any future statements.

All through? Click "confirm!"

Click here to learn more about saving and submitting your statement.