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How Do I Report a SpareFoot Tenant as Delinquent?


Dealing with past-due customers is never fun! So, we've tried to make it super simple to report tenant delinquency in your monthly statement. Remember, SpareFoot only collects money when you do, so it's important you report past-due tenants in your statement to avoid being charged for rent you did not collect.

The customer will be in the "tenants" section of your statement

Remember, your SpareFoot statement is broken up into 3 sections: Late Move-Ins, Needs Your Review, and Tenants. For an overview of the different statement sections, click here.

1. Click "edit" next to the customer's name


2. Click "no"


3. Select "is delinquent on their rent payments"


Then click "submit".

Once you've saved a customer as delinquent in your monthly statement, you'll notice

  • The customer paid $0 in rent
  • The SpareFoot fee is adjusted to $0.

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

About Delinquency:

  1. Next month, this customer will appear on your statement with a "PREVIOUSLY DELINQUENT" designation. We'll assume that the customer paid you for their current rent as well as any month(s) they're past due. If the customer is still delinquent next month, simply go through the above steps again.
  2. If a delinquent customer vacates their unit (becuase they move-out or you auction their unit) you'll want to remove them permanently from your SpareFoot statement. This article explains how to do that.

All through? Click "confirm!"

Click here to learn more about saving and submitting your statement.