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How Do I Report that a SpareFoot Customer Did Not Move In? (OneTime)


SpareFoot is pay-for-performance, meaning that you're only charged for the customers we send you that move in and pay you rent. This article describes how to handle customers in your statement who did not move in as scheduled so you can ensure SpareFoot charges you the correct amount.

These instructions pertain to SpareFoot users under the OneTime pricing model. To learn how this works for RentPercent users, read this article.

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

Go to your "Statements" tab and click the blue "Reconcile Statement" button.

Need Help Logging In?

Just go to from your internet browser. When you head to, you'll see one of these two screens:


Great news! This means you're already logged in.

Login Page

Simply enter your username and password.

The customer will be in the "needs your review" section of your statement

For an overview of the different statement sections, click here.

Click the "X" next to any customer who did not move in to immediately remove the charge.

All through? Click "confirm!"

Click here to learn more about saving and submitting your statement.


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