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Why Follow-Up Calls are Important


It's super important to call each SpareFoot customer right after they reserve a unit. In fact, facilities that follow up within the first 10 minutes are 25% more likely to turn those reservations into tenants. Plus, keep in mind that the average length of a follow-up call is under two minutes -- one minute and 26.59 seconds, to be exact -- and can be all that's needed to turn a hesitant prospect into a guaranteed tenant. That said, we understand that sometimes it can be hard to make contact with customers right after they reserve. Our tip here is the sooner you reach out the better.

There are several ways that SpareFoot helps makes this process even easier, such as: 

  • Automatic email notifications: Immediately after we send a customer reservation to your facility, you’ll receive an email notification with the subject line, “Action Needed: New Customer from” encouraging you to follow-up by phone with the customer as soon as possible.
  • Tenant Connect service: We will send an automated call your way within 10 minutes of receiving a new reservation which will give you the option to immediately be connected to the customer over the phone. You can also chose to have Tenant Connect text alerts. If you'd like to learn more about this service, please see our Overview of Tenant Connect article.
TIP: If you are not able to reach a customer by phone, try sending an email. Storage seekers are often in the middle of a life change and they may be difficult to reach via phone. If you’re not sure what to say in a follow up email, we’ve created a template to get your started!

So, what do you say on a follow-up call?

First and foremost, it's important that these outbound calls are not positioned as sales calls, but rather as an opportunity for you to establish a personal connection with the customer, answer any questions they may have, ensure they've selected the right size unit, let them know what to expect on move-in day and most importantly, reassure them that they have picked the right facility!

To give you a better idea of how some of SpareFoot's top-performing facilities are conducting follow up calls, we've included a few quotes from managers at these facilities below. These managers routinely move in between 90-98% of SpareFoot customers.

These follow-up calls are calm, friendly and low-pressure interactions where the manager makes their new tenant feel welcomed, valued and completely comfortable.

"When we chat with prospects by phone, we make them feel welcomed. It makes people seriously want to come and talk to us, and meet us. Situations where people need storage are not always the best, so you’ve got to make people feel comfortable.”
- Pam Brauer, LockTite Storage - Lakeline
“When we’re on the phone, we reiterate our move-in specials, our extended gate hours, and how we want them to feel 100% secure about storing with us. We then schedule a time for them to come in and tour the property.”
- Noelle Grounds, Storage Depot - Killeen
“When we call, we are welcoming and we try to get the person to commit to a time and date to come into our facility to check it out and sign their paperwork. If they’ve committed to a time, they’re more likely to actually show up.”
- Jeff Buller, 21st Century Storage - Philadelphia
“When I call, I’m personable - I chat with the customer and make them laugh. From there, they know they’ll get the best service in town and that I’ll help them with every step of their move.”
- Deandra Gamble, Storage Pros Fort Wayne - St. Joe


We created a follow up call checklist with some helpful pointers about what to cover on these calls.

Plus, customers love when you follow up!

In fact, here are a few quotes from some customers who loved receiving a follow-up call from their facility manager. These customers liked hearing that their reservation was received and that the manager was expecting their arrival.

“I entered a reservation for a unit online, and within 10-15 minutes I received a call from a woman named Katy. She confirmed that I had a 10x20 storage unit with drive-up access and a roll-up door reserved, and was very pleasant on the phone. I was very impressed with the service I received!”
- Tom - Costa Mesa, CA
“I was very impressed by the customer service. The owner called me to make sure he could help me, and I was able to reserve a space immediately! Thank you guys so much!”
- Khristine - Midlothian, TX
“The check-in was easy and smooth. After I had reserved the unit online, the manager of the storage site called me to let me know everything was in good order and to make sure I was renting the right sized space. Very impressed with the whole process!”
- Monica - Denver, CO

The Warm Fuzzy Factor:

As you've seen above, when it comes to reserving and moving into a storage facility, service is often more important than sales. We think that's because customers need to get that "warm fuzzy" feeling about a storage facility or they won't choose it. This makes total sense - they're trusting a facility to take good care of their stuff, and they want to feel safe and confident in their buying decision.

Make sure your online presence communicates YOUR great customer service! And don't forget: When you get a new reservation, be sure to give them a friendly call ASAP!