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Centershift - Your Unit Information


SpareFoot needs to know the full scoop about each of your units. What are the dimensions? The prices? Are they inside or outside? Are they rentable? 100% of this information comes from Centershift, so it's very important to make sure all of your inventory is correctly configured in Centershift. 

Setting Unit Attributes:

The area in Centershift to view and change your unit attributes can be found in Admin > Rental Items > Edit Rental Items

We can read any and all values that you store in all six fields:

  • Attribute 1
  • Attribute 2
  • Door
  • Access
  • Climate
  • Features

So, just make sure that you have all the information you want SpareFoot to see in these fields, in any way that works for you. For example, a unit has the following attributes: 10x10, drive-up, alarm, and climate controlled. This information can be entered into the available fields in multiple different ways. Despite the fact that they're labeled differently in Centershift, they will both be read correctly by SpareFoot and will appear identically in our system.

We spoke with Centershift and were told that there is no way to make changes to lots of units at once. They said that you can contact your Centershift account manager and have them make these changes for you.

Changing the drop-down options

If you'd like to add a custom value to the drop-down menus, it's easy! Just head to Admin Custom Lookups


In order to be visible on SpareFoot, each unit must be designated with:

  • Inside or Outside
  • Floor number (for inside units). You can use "ground level" or "upstairs via elevator" instead of actual numbers
  • Drive-up accessible, if true
  • Climate-controlled, if true