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SiteLink Web Edition - Combining Units


Renovating? Sounds good! Sometimes facilities will reorganize their facility to merge or combine units with one another. For instance, a facility with tons of vacant 10X10 units and tons of 10X20 units occupied might merge a bunch of 10X10 units into a few 20X10s to keep up with demand. If you're making this kind of change at your facility - and you use SiteLink Web Edition - please read on!

Let's use the example above. You have two 10X10 units - units A101 and A102 - and you merge them into a new unit - A1012. There are two ways to make that change:

Option 1: Remove units A101 and A102 by either deleting them or marking them both unrentable. Then, create a NEW unit in your inventory, A1012.

If you do this, no action is required from you. SpareFoot will automatically delete units A101 and A102 overnight when we see that they're no longer actual units. SpareFoot will automatically create unit A10102 in our system and it will start showing as available.

Option 2: Edit unit A101 to have new dimensions (20X10) and remove unit A102.

SpareFoot will automatically delete unit A102 overnight, as it is no longer in your system.

SpareFoot will automatically convert unit A101 into A1012, meaning it will update the unit number and change the dimensions. 

In MySpareFoot, you'll see units A101 and A102 on one day and then you'll just see A1012 the next day.

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