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Centershift - Rate Selection


Each unit in Centershift has a variety of rates. The rate options includes rent rate, street rate, rack rate, proforma rate and push rate.

SpareFoot's integration has visibility of two of these rates: rent rate and push rate. Of these two rates, you get to pick which rate you'd like SpareFoot to use as the unit's price, which will appear to shoppers on SpareFoot.

To let us know if you'd prefer push rate or rent rate, just submit a ticket here. We can make this change for you in a jiffy!

Please note:

  • If you have multiple facilities on your Centershift account, you need to make a rate decision for all of your facilities. There's no way to use rent rate at some facilities and push rates at another.
  • SpareFoot syncs data with Centershift each hour. Be sure to wait an hour after making a rate change (either to your units in Centershift or by submitting a ticket to us to adjust your rate preference) to see the updates on SpareFoot!