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New to SpareFoot? Get Live in Under 20 Minutes!


So you just signed up for SpareFoot? Welcome aboard! Now you're probably thinking "Whats next?" or "How do I start getting reservations?"

Well, the answer is quite simple - get your listing live! Once you complete your facility's profile (providing us with your basic details, amenities, and inventory), your facility will automatically start appearing live on our network to millions of storage-seeking customers!


MySpareFoot is going to be your SpareFoot home base. Today, you can add all of your facility information into MySpareFoot and come back at any time to make changes. It's a great tool that's quick and easy to use, so it's important for you to get acquainted!

(1) Sign into MySpareFoot

Just go to from your internet browser. You'll either see the login page (shown here) or you'll be logged into your dashboard.

(1) Sign in to MySpareFoot

(2) Click "features" on the left

If you have multiple facilities, you can select the one you'd like to modify from the drop-down menu at the top.

(2) Click "features" on the left

Ensure your information is complete!

We want to send you lots of new tenants! When customers are on one of the websites in our network looking at your facility, we want to make sure the information they see is totally accurate.

Inside the features section you'll see 6 sections where you can add, view or modify information about your facility.

➞ ➞ Let's go tab-by-tab, shall we?➞➞

Ensure your information is complete!

(3) Units

(3) Units

First and foremost is the Units tab. If you use web-based storage management software and are taking advantage of SpareFoot's free integration with your software, your Units tab should be completely filled out with the units from your system.

If you don't use management software, you'll need to enter your information manually. The MySpareFoot Units tab is the area where you add the specific unit sizes, attributes, prices, discounts, promotions, and/or free items you wish to list on SpareFoot.

Simply click the "Add Unit" button to begin adding your first unit size. Select the appropriate space type, enter in the dimensions and standard rate price, and the applicable attributes for the unit group. Click "Save" at the bottom and boom, you've got the first unit group added! Just click the "Add Unit" button again to continue adding the rest of your inventory. Keep in mind, you do not need to add individual units; just the overall size that represents all of the units at the same price with the same attributes.

Currently full of a particular unit size? Conveniently manage your availability by changing un-checking the box in the "Available" column.

(4) Details

(4) Details

Next, the Details tab is how you can edit your facility name, admin fee, phone number(s), address, and basic facility information. Looking to highlight what makes your facility special? Include a facility description to customers indicating unique facility qualities, features, pertinent driving directions, policies and procedures, and the like. This is your window to tell customers what you want them to know about your facility.

Once you've updated your facility details,➞ ➞ head to the next step➞➞.

(5) Amenities

(5) Amenities

Proceed to the Amenities tab to let customers know which amenities your facility has (and does not have). This will be really helpful for shoppers on our website to find a facility with the specific features they’re looking for.

Once you have selected your amenities ➞ ➞ head to the next step➞➞.

(6) Hours

(6) Hours

Moving on to the Hours tab! Enter your observed holidays and office hours to control when customers are allowed to make reservations and when you are available to assist them.

Make sure to add your access hours to ensure customers know when they can access their unit. Offer 24-hour access? Just select the "Yes, for all units and customers" option and when you click the "Save Changes" button, our system will automatically fill out the access hour blanks for you!

Once you've input your hours, ➞ ➞ head to the next step➞➞

(7) Photos

(7) Photos

Almost done! The Photos tab is where you can add pictures of your facility. Upload high-quality photos (such as the front office, the gate, inside a clean unit, down a drive-up aisle, etc.) so customers can get a glimpse of what your facility looks like. Proud of your facility? Feel free to show it off by adding as many photos as you like! Once you've uploaded photos, ➞ ➞ head to the next step➞➞

Stuck? Here's some help:

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(8) Map

(8) Map

Finally, make sure your map location and street-view are correctly oriented so customers can have a guide to know what to look for when driving by. Once you've verified your location, ➞ ➞ you're live! Let's finish up!➞➞

Stuck? Here's some help:

Train up on other features

Nice job! Your facility is now live on the SpareFoot Network!

While you're here for the first time, there are a few more things you should review for your general MySpareFoot knowledge. We're going to leave the Facilities area of MySpareFoot and explore some other important features...  

(9) Reviews

Reviews are very useful in allowing customers to share their experience with other shoppers. They're also beneficial to gaining more reservations for your facility. To check out your reviews history, simply click on the Reviews link in the left-hand menu.

Want to get some goodwill and positive comments on your listing? Simply click the "Request Reviews" button to proceed to your very own Review Request Tool. This allows you to input the email address of any of your current or former tenants and email them the review request template at the bottom of the page. This template includes a direct link to your online SpareFoot listing where they can leave a review of your facility.

(10) Billing & Statements

By now, you're probably wondering "When and how do I let SpareFoot know who moved in and who didn't?" The answer is by reconciling your monthly statement.

Your statement is how you easily denote to SpareFoot what happened with each customer on a monthly basis. On the first day of the month, SpareFoot will notify you via email that your statement is now ready for reconciliation. You can then access it by clicking on the "Statements" link in the left-hand main menu.

The statement period lasts for ten days. During this period, you can make any necessary changes to the statement based on what happened with all of the SpareFoot customers during the prior month.  

(11) Account Settings

Need to change your password or add another user to your account?  Just head over to the Settings page. You can quickly update your user information and change your password to maintain privacy of your user account.

(11) Account Settings

The Users tab on the Settings page allows you to add another email address to your account and also update user level permissions as needed. You can simply provide the email address with the ability to receive reservation confirmation emails, access to the MySpareFoot account, and/or statements & reconciliation permission.

The Payment tab displays your current payment method on file with SpareFoot and gives you the ability to edit it as necessary.

And there you have it!

You're up and running on SpareFoot, ready to get a bunch of new tenants! We're here for you! If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


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