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Billing FAQ


Your monthly billing is 100% dependent on the way that your statement is reconciled in your MySpareFoot account. Each month, your statement will open on the first and close on the evening of the tenth. Your account will be automatically charged on the eleventh per the updates you made to your statement. 

Here are some F.A.Q.'s about our billing process:

Q. How do I make changes to my billing configuration? 
A. SpareFoot's super flexible platform makes it easy to customize your payment configuration so that your SpareFoot charges bill exactly how you want them to. You can add one method of payment per facility on your account, set up independent charges per facility to the same payment method, or receive your charge as a lump sum. It's up to you! 

Q. Where can I find a copy of a SpareFoot receipt or statement from a prior month?
A. The Statement Summary page includes an archive of all prior statements and billing. Simply scroll down to the Statement Archive section to download a statement, then further down to the Billing History section to download a receipt!

Q. How do I pay SpareFoot?
A. When you signed up, you provided either a credit card or ACH (automatic debit) to keep on file. We'll bill this payment method automatically on the eleventh of each month. Check out our article about adding and editing your payment method in MySpareFoot to view or make changes to the payment method on file for your account.

Q. How can I see what my total bill will be?
A. Once you've finished reconciling your statement, head to the Statement Summary page of your MySpareFoot account to view your total SpareFoot fees for the month. This total is the sum of your SpareFoot fees for each tenant paying rent at your facility, based on the updates you've made to your statement so far. 

Q. How will I know when I've been billed? 
A. Immediately after we bill you, we'll send your receipt via email to all designated billing contacts on your account. Again, you should expect to receive this emailed receipt on the eleventh of each month. 

Q. Can I download a copy of my completed statement to send to my accountant/corporate office/colleague? 
A. Yes! Simply head to the Statement Summary page and click the Download button to download a PDF or Excel version of your updated statement. Both documents update along with your statement and will reflect all updates you've made so far. 

Q. How do I save my progress?

A. MySpareFoot automatically saves the changes you make during reconciliation. When you're finished, you can click "Confirm".

When you press the “confirm” button on your statement:
  • We’ll automatically opt you out from receiving reminder emails to reconcile your statement that month. This doesn’t submit your balance for billing and you can still login to your account to make changes before the statement period closes. Fewer emails=more time for the fun stuff!
  • We also added a feature for administrators to keep track of multiple properties or multiple reconcilers. Administrators can see a complete list of users who have confirmed their statements.

Remember, you have complete control over your billing.

With SpareFoot, there are no hidden fees or surprises. The way you've reconciled your statement is the way we'll bill you, plain and simple.