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I'm Auctioning a SpareFoot Tenant's Unit - What Do I Do?


These instructions pertain to SpareFoot users under the RentPercent pricing model. OneTime users pay a flat fee one time during the tenant's life cycle and do not need to adjust monthly rent.

We're sorry to hear that one of your SpareFoot tenants failed to honor their obligation to your facility. Since you're no longer collecting rent from this customer, you are free to remove them from your monthly statement. This article provides instructions for doing just that.

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

Need Help Logging In?

Just go to from your internet browser. When you head to, you'll see one of these two screens:


Great news! This means you're already logged in.

Login Page

Simply enter your username and password.


The customer will be in the "tenants" section of your statement

Remember, your SpareFoot statement is broken up into 3 sections: Late Move-Ins, Needs Your Review, and Tenants. For an overview of the different statement sections, click here.

1. Click "edit" next to the customer's name


2. Click "no"


3. Select the appropriate option

Then click "submit."

Once you've saved a customer as having vacated on your monthly statement, you'll notice

  • The customer paid $0 in rent
  • The SpareFoot fee is adjusted to $0.

This customer will not appear on your SpareFoot statement next month.

All through? Click "confirm!"

Click here to learn more about saving and submitting your statement.


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