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Self Storage Manager - Your Unit Information


SpareFoot needs to know the full scoop about each of your units. What are the dimensions? What is the price? Are the units inside or outside? 100 percent of this information comes from Self Storage Manager, so it's very important to make sure all of your inventory is correctly configured inSelf Storage Manager. To view and edit your units in Self Storage Manager follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log into Self Storage Manager as an Administrator.


Step 2: Navigate to "Units", then "Unit Types".


Step 3: Set Your Unit Attributes

We can read any and all values that you store in these three fields:

  • Unit Type Code
  • Category
  • Description


Just make sure that you have all the information you want SpareFoot to see in these fields, in any way that works for you. For example, let's say you have a unit with these attributes: Interior, 2nd Floor, Roll-Up Door, Alarm:

There are limitless ways to label this unit in SSM, but let's use these two samples:

                  Unit Type Code           Category                Description      

Way 1             Rollup door            2nd Floor Alarm       Interior

Way 2             2nd Floor               Interior Unit            Roll-Up, Alarm        

Even though you've used SSM to label the units differently, they'll both show up on SpareFoot the same way:

In order to be visible on SpareFoot, each unit must be designated with:

  • Inside or Outside
  • Floor number (for inside units). You can use "ground level" or "upstairs via elevator" instead of actual numbers
  • Drive-up accessible, if true
  • Climate-controlled, if true

Unit dimensions must be entered in the dimensions fields. Please note that when entering dimensions in SSM that length comes before width but sizes will be displayed as width x length on SpareFoot.  

For a guided tour of how to make edits to your units, check out Self Storage Manager's video tutorial.

Step 4: Double Check SpareFoot

SpareFoot syncs for changes to your unit prices and availability once each hour. Therefore, unit changes may not appear right away on your listing. If you'd like to sync your changes in right away, just send us a request!

NOTE: If you hide your available inventory in MySpareFoot it will remain unavailable on the SpareFoot network. HOWEVER, if that same inventory becomes unavailable in SSM and becomes available again at a future date, it will unhide on SpareFoot as well. Therefore, we always recommend that if there are specific units you do not want to rent, be sure to mark those as unavailable in SSM.

Still have more questions? Submit a request.