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SiteLink Web Edition - Integration FAQs


How often does SpareFoot sync with SiteLink to get my unit information?

We do a basic unit sync hourly to update any information (to your prices and availability) that's changed in the last hour.

Overnight, we do a complete refresh. That means we'll delete any units from our system that you've deleted in SiteLink, and we'll update all of your unit attributes (for example, if you've changed a unit from being marked as inside to being outside, it'll update then).

TIP: If you're curious on how to change your unit information in SiteLink or about how SpareFoot reads and interprets unit information, check out this article!

If you've made a price change, please wait an hour before expecting to see it updated on SpareFoot. Other changes you'll see the next morning. If you'd like to see these changes sooner, we can manually trigger the overnight sync at any time. Just submit a ticket to us and we'll get right on it!

Does SpareFoot sync facility information from SiteLink, or just unit information?  

When you first integrate your SiteLink facility with SpareFoot, we'll pull some basic facility information (name, phone number, hours, address, etc.) from SiteLink. However, we do not ever re-pull this information from SiteLink. If you make facility changes (such as new hours or a new phone number), be sure to update that information in MySpareFoot so we have all the current info.

Can I integrate my SiteLink promotions with SpareFoot?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend it. We take you step by step in our SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions articles.

How much of my data can SpareFoot see?

We're serious about your privacy, so we only look at basic information about your facility, units and rental activity. All of this visibility is used exclusively to support the integration and make it as easy as possible to manage your SpareFoot account. We'd never share or sell any of your data.