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Managing Payment Contacts - Who Gets Your SpareFoot Receipts?


SpareFoot's users and contacts are split into two categories:

  1. SpareFoot users - These are the email addresses that receive emails about SpareFoot reservations and can log in to MySpareFoot. You can learn how to add and manage these types of users in this article.
  2. Payment contacts - You can set and manage the email addresses that receive payment notifications. These will include receipts when your account is charged or notifications if a charge does not complete successfully.

First, navigate to the "payment" area of MySpareFoot.

Click on My Account in the top right corner of any page in your MySpareFoot account. Then, click on Payment Information. 


Adding/editing payment contacts:

To change the payment contact(s) for any of your payment methods, just click "Edit/replace" next to the relevant payment method:


That will take you to the Advanced Billing Setup Page.

Scroll all the way down this page. At the bottom, you'll be able to add email addresses to be listed as payment contacts:

Add as many email addresses as you'd like, separating each new email with a comma (e.g., accountspayable@storagefacility, and then press the blue "Update" button!