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How Do I Access My Statement?


To change the amount you're charged by SpareFoot, you'll need to navigate each month to the "Statements" section of your MySpareFoot account. This article explains exactly how to do so.

You can access your statement in one of two ways:

From our email

Once your statement is available for reconciliation, we'll send you a notification email with the subject "Action Required: Review Your [MONTH] Charges". This email will always be sent on the first day of the month.

For convenience, your notification email will include a link to MySpareFoot. Simply click the "View My Statement" button to access the statement page directly.


From the Statements tab in MySpareFoot

Click "Statements" on the left-hand navigation panel in MySpareFoot:

Need Help Logging In?

Just go to from your internet browser. When you head to, you'll see one of these two screens:


Great news! This means you're already logged in.

Login Page

Simply enter your username and password.

You'll see "Open Statement" in a grey box in the upper left-hand corner.


From here, you can:

  • View/edit your statement by clicking the blue "Reconcile Statement" button.
  • Download your statement (in CSV or PDF format). You can't make changes to your statement in this format, but it's easy to email or print out.

Your statement and how you reconcile will be a bit different depending on which pricing model you are on. For more information about how to reconcile your statement, check out the links below:


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