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Emails from SpareFoot to Customers


After a customer reserves a storage unit (on SpareFoot or any of our partner sites), it's important to keep them reminded and engaged, as this will increase their likelihood of moving in! In addition to the free follow-up tools (like Tenant Connect) that we offer to facilities, we also do some follow-up with customers ourselves.

Like everything we do at SpareFoot, we're always testing and iterating on the series of emails we send consumers. This includes testing different subject lines and content to see which ones increase the likelihood that the customers move in. This article simply provides an overview of the types of emails that we send and when, but please note that the specifics are always changing.


Remember, SpareFoot has secured lots of exclusive partners in industries like moving, relocation, truck rental and more. We brand and message our communication based on the specific partner a customer used to find their way to us (and you!). These emails are intended to keep the customer's experience consistent with the brand and company they originally used, but also to make it clear that SpareFoot is the service they ultimately used.

For example, this is an email confirmation for a customer who found SpareFoot through our partnership with Penske:

This is an email confirmation for a customer who found SpareFoot through our partnership with


As seen above, after a customer completes their reservation, we send them an email letting them know that their unit is confirmed and reserved. We provide them with:

  • Your phone number
  • Our phone number and email address
  • Your facility's administrative fee (if you have one)
  • Your office and access hours
  • Basic storage tips (when to arrive to move in, what they should bring, etc.).


If a customer reserves a unit today and they plan to move in tomorrow, we will not send them any pre-move-in emails. However, if there is a wide spread of days between their reservation and their scheduled move-in date, they may receive pre-move-in emails which are intended to keep the customer reminded about their upcoming reservation.

  • SpareFoot Review Request - This email asks the customer to rate SpareFoot's service on Trustpilot which is an independent review site.
  • Truck Rental Promotion - If your facility does not offer trucks on-site, we'll send the customer a 10 percent off coupon for a truck rental from our partner Penske.
  • Move-in Reminder - Reminding them of their scheduled move-in to your facility. This email basically provides the same information as the original confirmation email.
  • Move-in Day - We send this on their scheduled move-in day as a final reminder. This email basically provides the same information as the original confirmation email.

Post move-in

After a customer's scheduled move-in date, we send them an email asking if they moved into your facility.

  • If they say yes, we encourage them to leave a review of your facility
  • If they say no, we attempt to figure out why and see if we can still save the customer for you

In addition to the post move-in email, we also send the customer:

  • Survey Request - We want to hear from customers to see how we can improve the SpareFoot reservation process.
  • Facility Review Request - This email reminds customers to leave a review about their experience at your facility.

Inquiry notification

Take a look at this inquiry article for more about how this works. Depending on the type of soft booking a customer makes, their email experience will differ. The basic gist is that these emails include a recap of the information the customer initially requested as well as a "call to action" to follow up.