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Do I Need to Tell SpareFoot What Happens with My Reservations?


There's no need to send SpareFoot an email, tweet, or call to let us know if a customer did or did not move in. Instead, we will follow up to ask you later. 

That's one of the benefits of SpareFoot's easy-to-use platform. We send you reservations, then you work with the customer to ensure a smooth and happy move-in. You can leave us completely out of this part of the equation. 

The main thing you need to do is keep track of your SpareFoot customers using whatever system works best for you. Most of our clients like to use the reservation tracking inside their management software. Others use Excel, and some use a notepad next to their office computer. It's up to you!

But wait, don't I need to let SpareFoot know what happens with customers so I'm charged correctly?

That's true! Here's an overview of the customer lifecycle:

  • Customer makes a reservation
  • We notify you of their reservation
  • We'll send you an affirmation email ("Did so-and-so move in?") the day after the customer is scheduled to move in. If we auto-reconcile your statement through your SiteLink, Centershift or QuikStor integration, we will not send you this affirmation email.
  • On the first day of the next month, at least one person at your company will receive a billing statement that lists all tenants we sent you who we believe paid you rent. That's where you can let us know the scoop on each customer before you're charged anything.

Though we love hearing from our clients, any calls, emails or other notifications that you send SpareFoot about individual reservations do not influence what you're charged. 

You have 100% control of your SpareFoot charges, but remember that the way to edit these charges is online in MySpareFoot, when you reconcile your statement to let us know what happened.

TIP: If you're curious about statements and reconciliation, check out this article.

What's the point of the affirmation emails ("Did so-and-so move in")?

You'll get an email the day after customers are scheduled to move in that looks like this:


Click one of the buttons shown above. Please don't reply to the email, as your response won't be saved.

We will show all customers on your monthly SpareFoot statement, regardless of your response to the above email. This is so you can edit all your reservations to let us know the final status of your customers.

Note: If we auto-reconcile your statement through your SiteLink, Centershift or QuikStor integration, we will not send you this affirmation email.

To make it easier for you, we will also include a note next to each customer in your statement that reminds you what you clicked in the above email.

For example, here's a statement note for one customer:


  • It's common for customers to move in late, which is why we show all reservations made at your facility in your final monthly statement. You have a final chance to accurately report what happened.
  • Customers may reserve under one name, but have a different person sign the lease at the facility. Our affirmation email will prevent you from forgetting these instances when you reconcile your statement.
  • You can update your response as many times as you'd like, so don't delete the email. If a customer's plans change after you respond to the email, you can head back and click another button to update your response.