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Tenant Connect - Configuration, Activating, Disabling


For a reminder about the differences between Tenant Connect Voice and Tenant Connect Text, check out this article!

Configuration for Tenant Connect Voice

Configuration Options:

We can configure Tenant Connect in a variety of ways, based on what happens when a person calls your facility. 

The automated Tenant Connect message will play as soon as it detects a voice answering your phone. If your phone is answered by a prerecording (e.g, "Thank you for calling ABC Storage, please hold for the next available storage expert"), the voice in your prerecording could trigger Tenant Connect to play before you're there to hear it. We can update your settings to avoid this - just let us know how many seconds your prerecording lasts. 

If your prerecording also has a call tree where callers need to press a button to get connected (e.g., "Press 1 if you're a new customer"), our system can automatically select the option you specify to connect with whomever answers the phone. 

These changes can not be made in your MySpareFoot account, so if you need to make any changes to how your Tenant Connect service is configured, just submit a ticket to our team and we'll be happy to help.

Activating & Disabling:

If you'd like to turn Tenant Connect Voice on or off for your facility, just submit a ticket to our team.

For activations, please let us know the phone number you'd like Tenant Connect to call. We'll probably need to do some test calls from our side to ensure that the configuration (described above) is ready to go!

Configuration for Tenant Connect Text

To start getting Tenant Connect Texts, just enter a cell phone number for your facility in MySpareFoot. To stop receiving texts, simply delete the phone number.

TIP: You can add or remove a cell phone number in the "Facility Details" area of your MySpareFoot account. For an overview of how to access and edit this information, take a look at this article!

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