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SiteLink Web Edition - Your Unit Information


This article is a resource for all clients taking advantage of the free integration between SiteLink Web Edition and SpareFoot.

SpareFoot needs to know the full scoop about each of your units - what are the dimensions? The price? Are they inside or outside? Are they available for vehicle storage? Some of this information is set in SiteLink Web Edition, while some is set in MySpareFoot. Read on to see where each bit of information comes from as well as how to make changes.

Where does unit data come from?

If you're looking at your units in MySpareFoot, you'll see that some attributes are grayed out and cannot be edited. These are the attributes that must be correctly labeled in SiteLink Web Edition.


Here's a full list of unit attributes and where to edit the information:

Attribute Required? Where to edit
Space Type (unit, parking, etc.) Required SiteLink Web Edition
Length & Width Required SiteLink Web Edition
Height Optional MySpareFoot
Climate Controlled? Required (if yes)  SiteLink Web Edition
Power Outlet Optional SiteLink Web Edition
Alarm Optional  SiteLink Web Edition
Light in Unit Optional MySpareFoot
Shelves in Unit Optional MySpareFoot
Humidity Controlled  Optional  MySpareFoot
Air Cooled Optional MySpareFoot
Heated Optional MySpareFoot
Stacked Space (mezzanine)  Required (if yes)  MySpareFoot
Underground Level (basement)  Required (if yes)  MySpareFoot 
Parking Warehouse Optional MySpareFoot
Pull-Thru Optional MySpareFoot
Can you drive-up to the space? Required (if yes) MySpareFoot
How do tenants get to this unit? Required SiteLink Web Edition (Inside/Outside)
Available for vehicle storage? Required (if yes) MySpareFoot
Door type (roll-up, swing) Optional MySpareFoot
Floor Required SiteLink Web Edition
Covered or Uncovered Optional MySpareFoot (Displays for parking only)
Premium Location Optional MySpareFoot
ADA Accessible Optional SiteLink Web Edition


Unit price is pulled from SiteLink. You can read more about how Push Rates and Web Rates impact the prices shown on SpareFoot in our article: SiteLink Web Edition - What rates will be shown on SpareFoot?.  

Editing unit data in SiteLink Web Edition

From the Company section, select Modify Units.



All of the unit attributes that we've identified as coming from SiteLink will be across the top of the screen.

Please note that if any units are mislabeled in SiteLink, they'll also show up incorrectly on SpareFoot. However, it's easy to make modifications to unit attributes in SiteLink!

1. Click the checkbox(es) to the left of each unit that needs to be edited.

2. Click Edit selections on the right side of the screen. You'll see a screen pop up that looks like this:



3. Make any changes you need to make to the units.

In our current example, we're attempting to mark these four units as not inside. To do that, we should uncheck the Inside box.

4. Click OK.

You'll see the new unit attributes that you've saved updated on SpareFoot within the hour.

Editing unit data in MySpareFoot

1. Navigate to the Features page in your MySpareFoot account.

2. From the Units tab, click Edit for the row of the unit group that you need to make changes to.


3. Select the applicable amenities for that unit group.
Don’t forget, if a field is grey and you aren’t able to make any changes, that means that the information is coming from your SiteLink software. We’ve highlighted the required fields in the screenshot below, but the more detail you can add, the better! This will help customers make the best choice for their needs.



4. Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done!