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SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions Step 1


Syncing promotions from SiteLink with SpareFoot saves you time and work by automating the update process. Anytime you need to make a change to your discounts or promotions, simply enter them into SiteLink and your SpareFoot listing will be automatically updated too.

SiteLink provides you with the tools to create a set of promotions for any given unit group and then selects the best one for customers based on the rules you’ve set. If you sync promotions with SpareFoot, that same logic will be used to select the best promotion to show on your facility listing as well. The best promotion is defined as the one that will save customers the most money over a 12 month period while respecting all criteria and thresholds such as occupancy rules that you have set.

Before you sync your promotions to SpareFoot, you will need to check the way to promotions are configured in SiteLink.

First, navigate to the discount plans interface in SiteLink

You can do this one of two ways:

SiteLink Web Edition is the self storage manager used on a daily basis to manage your inventory and tenants. You can only manage and edit information (like discounts) for one facility at a time. The Corporate Control Center is different from Web Edition - it's a program used to manage multiple sites' data and permissions. Any changes made in the CCC can apply to every facility in your SiteLink account.

From the Corporate Control Center

Login to the Corporate Control Center and click "Discount Plans"


Select the facilities you would like promotions to display on in your account. Then click "Next." 

From SiteLink Web Edition (SLWE)

Login to SiteLink Web Edition and click "Setup".


Click "Discount Plans"


NOTE: There may be some permissions restrictions that may prevent you from accessing Discount Plans from SiteLink Web Edition.

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