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Duplicate/Multiple Reservations


Every now and again you might receive multiple notifications about the same customer making a reservation at your facility. This means the customer reserved more than one unit. Since this can be a pretty confusing experience, we've answered the most popular questions in this article.

How and why do these happen?

In most cases, duplicate reservations are not accidents. Common reasons are:

  • The customer actually needs more than 1 unit
  • The customer can't decide between different unit types, so they reserve both. These are bummers, and we're always working on our on-site experience, so customers can make the perfect choice the first time.

What should you do if you receive multiple reservations from one customer?

As with all SpareFoot reservations, the first step is to call the customer! The customer will let you know how many units they really need, so you don't hold multiple units open for a customer who just needs one.

Billing and Reconciliation

If a customer makes 2 reservations on SpareFoot, you'll see that customer listed twice on your SpareFoot statement the month after they're scheduled to move in.

Let's assume that customer only actually rented one unit. When you're reconciling, mark the duplicate reservation as "did not move in" on the statement by clicking the X, just as you would if the reservation were for a customer who did not move in.

Duplicates and Move-In Rate

Move-in rate is the percentage of people who reserve a unit at your facility and actually move-in. It's one of the biggest factors that determines how facilities rank in SpareFoot search results.

Don't worry - Duplicates do not actually impact your move-in rate!

After each reconciliation period closes, SpareFoot cleans up duplicate reservations before our ranking system computes each facility's move-in rate.

As an example, if a facility got 2 reservations for John Smith who was scheduled to move-in during December of 2018. Here's the timeline for those 2 reservations:

12-4-18 John makes his first reservation. The manager is notified. She calls John and is excited that he'll be moving in. She sets a unit aside for him.

12-13-18 John makes his second reservation. The manager is notified. She calls John who says that he reserved the second unit by accident. She does not set a second unit aside for him.

1-2-19 Reconciliation for reservations with December 2018 move-in dates opens. The manager logs into MySpareFoot and marks one of John's reservation as "did not move in". MySpareFoot shows her that she has a 50% move-in rate for December.

1-9-19 Reconciliation closes.

1-12-19 Duplicate reservations are removed by SpareFoot. John's second reservation is wiped from our system.

1-15-19 Our ranking system gets updated with move-in rate information for December. The Storage Facility has a 100% move-in rate for December.

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