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SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions Step 2 (Channels)


What is a Channel?

Channels tell your partners (like SpareFoot) which promotions to use.

You can view and change the channels associated with any given promotion on the Edit Discount screen in SiteLink under the "Discount Availability" dropdown menu. In the example below, the promotion is associated with the Everywhere channel. SiteLink gives you the option to select multiple channels for any promotion.


How Our Integration Works

SpareFoot syncs promotions from both the SpareFoot and Everywhere channels. SiteLink provides you with the tools to create a set of promotions for any unit group and then selects the best one for customers based on the rules you’ve set. If you sync promotions with SpareFoot, that same logic will be used to select the best promotion to show on your facility listing as well.

In order for promotions to sync:

  • The promotion must have a name
  • The promotion must have all options completed
  • The promotion must be associated with the SpareFoot or Everywhere channel

Picking the Channel That's Right For You

The "Everywhere" Channel

If you are already using the "Everywhere" channel for other partners (like your website and/or other vendors), SpareFoot will sync promotions from this channel as well.

If you would prefer to set SpareFoot specific promotions, we do not advise using the Everywhere channel. Instead, select individual channels that you would like promotions to apply to. By selecting Everywhere, the logic used to select the best promotion will choose a promotion in the Everywhere channel over a SpareFoot channel promotion if the value to the customer is better.

NOTE: You might have a lot of live promotions on this channel, which can create some "noise" in the data SpareFoot receives. That's because all promotions that are setup in SiteLink default to being associated with the Everywhere channel.

In order to ensure that your top-priority promotions are the ones we display, be sure to:

  1. Edit promotions that you don't want anyone to use or display and un-check "currently in use."
  2. Add rules and restrictions to the promotions that remain.

Check out the next article (Syncing Promotions Step 3 (Plan Configuration) for more information.

The "SpareFoot Only" Channel

You have the option to create promotions that you would like to only show on SpareFoot by associating them with the "SpareFoot Only" channel. Keep in mind that if you are also using the Everywhere channel for any promotions, those may be chosen over SpareFoot only promos, if the value is greater for the customer.

You're ready for step 3!

Click here to head to SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions Step 3 (Plan Configuration).



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