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SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions Step 2 (Channels)


What is a Channel?

Channels tell your partners (like SpareFoot) which promotions are intended for their use.

You can view and change the channels associated with any given promotion on the Edit Discount screen in SiteLink under the "Discount Availability" dropdown menu. In the example below, the promotion is associated with the Everywhere channel. SiteLink gives you the option to select multiple channels for any promotion.


How Our Integration Works


Visible in SiteLink?* Can sync to SpareFoot?


Catch-all channel. Can be used for anything.

Yes  Yes

Call Center and Corporate Control Center

Promotion is intended for your call center.

No  Yes

Client and myHub

Promotion is not intended for partners or integrations. 

 Yes Yes 

Kiosk Only

Promotion is intended for your rental kiosk. 

No  Yes

SpareFoot Only

Promotion is intended for SpareFoot. 

No  Yes

Website Only

Promotion is intended for your website.

No  Yes

*Visible in SiteLink - Can managers see these promotions in SiteLink and apply them at their discretion. If you're curious about how this works, please see our example below.

We're flexible:

We've built this integration to be extremely flexible. Our goals are to save you time and ensure that SpareFoot fits into the rest of the way you're operating your business.

  • We can sync with whatever channel work best for you. That's right - you can choose the channel from which SpareFoot reads your promotions! You're not restricted to "SpareFoot only" or "Website only."
  • Once you pick your channel, you're free to add one or many promotions to the channel. SpareFoot will see all of them, and we'll apply promotions to units based on the rules and restrictions you've specified in SiteLink.

Picking the Channel That's Right For You

Here are the most common promotion configurations that our clients have used. We're more than happy to answer any questions you have and help you figure out which channel is best for you!

Using the "Website Only" Channel

Good for clients who:

  • Already have promotions on the "website only" channel that they're displaying on their own website.

How it works:

We'll display the same promotions as your website, and we'll apply promotions to units the same way your website does, using the same rules and restrictions that your website respects. This ensures consistency in your online presence, making things simple for your customers and your manager.  

TIP: This is very similar to the "call center" channel. If you're using a Call Center and they have access to promotions you've added to the "call center" channel, SpareFoot's configuration will be the same.

The "everywhere" Channel

Good for clients who:

  • Are already using the "everywhere" channel for their other partners (like their website and/or other vendors). Simplicity is the goal here - these clients want to update one promotion on one channel and have all their vendors respect it.

How it works:

SpareFoot will be sent all active promotions on the "everywhere" channel and determine which promotions to assign to each units. If you don't have any rules or restrictions set in SiteLink, the first promotion alphabetically (based on the plan's name) gets applied to all unit groups.

NOTE: You might have a lot of live promotions on this channel, which can create some "noise" in the data SpareFoot receives. That's because all promotions that are setup in SiteLink default to being associated with the Everywhere channel.

In order to ensure that your top-priority promotions are the ones we display, be sure to:

  1. Edit promotions that you don't want anyone to use or display and un-check "currently in use."
  2. Add rules and restrictions to the promotions that remain. 

TIP: The next article (Syncing Promotions Step 3 (Plan Configuration)) describes how to:

  • Change a Plan Name (to alter the alphabetical order of your promotions)
  • Un-check a promotion as "currently in use"
  • Add rules and restrictions to promotions, so SpareFoot (and other partners) know which unit groups you'd like each promotion to be assigned to.

The "SpareFoot Only" Channel

Good for clients who:

  • Don't have other technology vendors who sync promotions with SiteLink.
  • Want to display special promotions with special restrictions on SpareFoot.
  • Don't actively manage/maintain their SiteLink promotions.

How it works:

Create these unique promotions in SiteLink and associate them with the "SpareFoot Only" channel. We will sync with that channel and those will be the only promotions visible to customers that are searching for storage on our network. Since channels operate independently, creating a new promo on the SpareFoot channel will have no effect on existing promotions. If you decide to use this solution, you won't have to make any changes to what you currently have set up in SiteLink.

Additional Education: Channels in Action

TIP: Feel free to read on if you'd like to see an example of how channels work, or if you're curious about how promotions get applied for customers when they're not visible in SiteLink.

*When promotions aren't visible in the SiteLink Web Edition Client, it means that managers cannot apply them at their discretion. That doesn't mean that it's impossible for customers to get their promotions they're expecting. When a technology vendor (like SpareFoot) is integrated with SiteLink, the integration is typically a "push-pull" which makes it possible for "invisible" promotions to be assigned to customer's accounts.

Here's how this works for SpareFoot (and most other technology vendors):

  • PULL: We "pull" information from SiteLink (your units, prices, promotions) hourly, and we display this information on your SpareFoot listing and in MySpareFoot.
  • PUSH: When a customer reserves one of your units on SpareFoot, we "push" a reservation into SiteLink. The customer's reservation is already associated with the promotion the customer saw on SpareFoot. So, even though your manager wouldn't have access to apply this promotion to a walk-in customer, the SpareFoot customer gets this promotion automatically.

This is pretty tricky, so we've included an example of how this functionality works. In this example, we've added the promotion "first month free" on the "SpareFoot Only" channel.

If you create a new tenant in SiteLink (as you would for a walk-in customer), the promotion is not listed as available:


When John Smith booked his storage unit on SpareFoot, the promotion was offered on his unit. When your manager views his reservation in SiteLink, the promotion is available to be applied to his move-in:




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