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SiteLink Web Edition - Syncing Promotions Step 3 (Plan Configuration)


Add or Edit an existing promotion

In Step 1 we navigated to SiteLink's "discounts" screen (shown below).

In Step 2 we discussed the concept of promotion "channels."

  • If you're planning to use the SpareFoot channel or create new promotions in SiteLink for SpareFoot to use, click "+ Add." Follow the steps below to create your promotion in SiteLink.
  • If you're planning to use existing promotions on the "Everywhere" channel, just select the promotion in the list and click "Edit." Use the steps below to ensure the promotion you've already created is ready to be synced with SpareFoot.

Configure the Promotion



1. Name

SpareFoot customers can see this text, so please don't use anything internal or words like "SpareFoot" in this field.

2. Back-End Configuration - highlighted in yellow

Why this matters

When a SpareFoot customer reserves a unit with an integrated promotion, the promotion the customer selected will be automatically assigned to the customer’s reservation when we create that reservation in SiteLink. Please make sure the back-end components of your promotion (described below) are configured correctly, as this will ensure that the concessions you’re advertising will actually be applied to the customer’s account.

What these options mean

  • Charge Category: What is being discounted? Defaults to “Rent” (which is normally correct).
  • Amount: How much will you be discounting the item? Is it a percentage or a flat dollar amount?
  • Use For: When is this promotion being applied?
  • Type: Does this promotion require a prepayment or is it just for a specific month?
  • Expiration: Does the promotion last for the lifetime of the tenant or does it expire after a specific amount of time?

3. Restrictions (Occupancy OR Unit Type) - highlighted in green

You can use restrictions to specify which unit groups should display the selected promotion. You can use one type of restriction or a combination of both.

If there are no restrictions set, the promotion will display on all of the unit groups regardless of occupancy or type.

Occupancy Restrictions (Dynamic)

These restrictions are based on the occupancy level of unit groups.  We call these dynamic restrictions because the promotion’s visibility will automatically change in respect to the restrictions as your unit inventory fluctuates.

  • The percentage entered is a maximum limit. Once occupancy in a unit group hits that mark, the promotion is removed.
  • The "N Units" restriction means the promotion will disappear once the total number of units in a group drops below that number.

You can use any combination of these two fields.

Let's say you want to use a group of promotions based on unit occupancy. You want the most aggressive promotion to show on units with highest availability and to be replaced with less aggressive promotions as unit group occupancy increases. That's easy to do with dynamic restrictions. Below is an example where a client added 3 promotions into SiteLink with different dynamic restrictions for each:

  Disable if occupancy exceeds: N Units Will show on:
First Month Free! 85% 2 All unit groups that have at least 2 units in the group, and the group's occupancy is less than 85%
First Month 50% Off! 90% 2 All unit groups that have at least 2 units in the group, and the group's occupancy is between 85-89.9%
First Month 25% Off! 95% 2 All unit groups that have at least 2 units in the group, and the group's occupancy is between 90-94.9%

Unit Type Restrictions (Manual)

Here you can restrict a promotion's availability to specific unit types. We call these manual restrictions because these promotions will display specific unit groups until you make modifications in SiteLink. Once again, you have full flexibility and customization here. You can apply a promotion to several unit groups or you can create individual promos for individual unit groups.

If you're also using dynamic restrictions, a promotion will be applied to a unit group if that unit group meets the occupancy threshold for the dynamic restriction and is also in the manual list.

Using the above example, a client could use unit type restrictions to manually associate the same three promotions with their unit groups:

  Restrict the promo to the following Unit Types/Sizes
First Month Free! 5 X 5, 5 X 15
First Month 50% Off! 5 X 10
First Month 25% Off! 10 X 10

4. Activation

Be sure to check "Currently in use" or SpareFoot will not be able to use the promotion. We don't consider "start date" or "end date" so feel free to leave these blank.

5. Description

This won't be visible to SpareFoot, so there's no need to add anything in this field for us. If you have text in here for another partner where you're using this promotion, that's A-OK.

6. Discount Availability

This is the same thing as the "channel" we discussed in Step 2. Just be sure you have selected either SpareFoot or Everywhere.



Activating the SpareFoot Sync:

If you haven't previously synced promotions with SpareFoot and you would like to, just submit a ticket to our team. In your ticket, let us know you’d like to activate SiteLink-integrated promotions on your account.

We’ll let you know as soon as the process is complete!

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