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AAA Discounts & Rewards Program: Opting In


Need help logging into MySpareFoot? Check out this article for more information.

1. Head to the AAA Page in MySpareFoot


2. Check the boxes next to the facilities you'd like to opt in


3.     Click the blue "Opt in to become approved" button


If your facility is not currently eligible, you will see a grey "Not Eligible" indicator. If your facility is eligible, you will see a blue "Eligible" indicator. 

Once you've opted your facility in, you'll see a green "Already Opted In" indicator. When your facility is a AAA Discounts & Rewards Approved facility, you'll see an orange "AAA Active" indicator. This means your facility is listed as a AAA Discounts & Rewards Approved facility on the SpareFoot network.

Even if you are not currently eligible, you can still opt in. Once your facility meets the eligibility requirements you facility will automatically be approved, and you'll receive a notification email. 

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