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What Should I Do if I'm Not Sure My Reviewer is Actually a Tenant?


We know it can be alarming to receive a review from a customer who's name you don't recognize! If you receive a review from a customer that's not listed in your tenant roster, bear in mind: 

The customer might have made a reservation at your facility, even if they didn't ultimately move in.

Customers that didn't actually rent a unit at your property can still have valuable and relevant feedback that will assist other shoppers in their facility selection. So, SpareFoot invites any customer that made a reservation at your facility through our service to leave a review of their experience. 

The customer might be using a different name than they provided for your tenant roster.

SpareFoot's Review Terms and Conditions encourages reviewers to use their actual first name when submitting a review. Still, a reviewer may use a nickname or another legitimate alternative to their legal first name (which was likely the name provided to you when signing their lease). 

So, what should you do if you receive a review from a customer you don't recognize? 

SpareFoot stopped accepting reviews from unverified sources in September 2014, so you can be sure that any SpareFoot review was submitted by a person who (at minimum) made a reservation at your facility. If you're still unsure of who the reviewer might be, we encourage you to reply publicly to the review. This may encourage the reviewer to contact you directly to keep the conversation open, and it's a great way to show off your excellent customer service skills.