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Changing a Customer's Name on Your Statement (RentPercent Pricing)


⚠️ These instructions pertain to SpareFoot users under the RentPercent pricing model. If your account is set up on OneTime pricing, you can find reconciliation instructions in our article: How do I reconcile my statement? (OneTime Pricing).


Did a customer misspell their name on their SpareFoot reservation? Or did they reserve under one name and rent under another? To ensure that the customer shows up in a recognizable format on your SpareFoot bill and on future statements, we have an option for you to adjust their name during reconciliation.

Locate the customer on your statement (in MySpareFoot)

Need help logging into MySpareFoot? Check out this article for instructions. 

Remember, your SpareFoot statement is broken up into 3 sections: Late Move-Ins, Needs Your Review, and Tenants. For an overview of the different statement sections, click here. The next step is a tiny bit different depending on which section the customer is listed in.

If the customer is in the "needs your review" section:

Click the pencil next to the customer's name:


In the popup window, simply enter the customer's name as you'd like it to appear on your bill:


If the customer is in the "tenants" section:

You can't make this change in MySpareFoot. If you need to change the contact information for a tenant on your statement just submit a ticket to our team. Let us know the customer's current name as well as what you'd like to change it to.