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AAA Discounts & Rewards Program: Benefits, Eligibility Requirements & FAQ


As the national self-storage partner of AAA Discounts & RewardsSM, SpareFoot is creating a premium network of storage facilities approved to offer AAA member discounts.


AAA is a not-for-profit federation of motor clubs that serves 54 million loyal members, offering them discounts on many quality products and services. 

Approved facilities will enjoy the significant perks of being associated with a nationally recognized and admired brand.


You'll be promoted in SpareFoot listings with a AAA Discounts & Rewards badge that identifies your facility as a top-quality choice for customers. In SpareFoot search results, some facilities will have this badge and others won't. Customers will be more likely to view your listing and reserve if you have the badge.


AAA is bigger than the biggest brands in self-storage today. Operators of all sizes can now be affiliated with this trusted brand, and gain massive exposure to new customers. This enables you to compete like never before.

Approved facilities will get more reservations and move-ins from SpareFoot because AAA members are serious, quality leads. Storage-seeking customers who are not even AAA members still know the brand and will trust facilities with this affiliation.

SpareFoot storage will also be promoted in AAA's national and local club websites, magazines and other marketing channels. Only approved SpareFoot facilities will get visibility on AAA's websites.

When AAA members book storage and move in at AAA approved facilities on SpareFoot, they'll get their first month free and a $20 Amazon gift card. The gift card is provided and paid for by SpareFoot, while your facility honors the first month free deal.


AAA cares about giving its members the absolute best quality, so only the best facilities working with SpareFoot will be eligible for this opportunity. This means facilities must meet certain criteria that demonstrate how wonderful they are at serving customers from SpareFoot.

Your facility must meet these benchmarks for quality:

  • Honor first month free on all units for AAA members who reserve with you via SpareFoot -- a full month if you bill on the anniversary, or prorated if you bill on the 1st of the month
  • Facility must be live on the SpareFoot network
  • A minimum of 3 customer reviews on your SpareFoot listing
  • 4+ star average rating in customer reviews on your SpareFoot listing


If a AAA member without a SpareFoot reservation comes to my store wanting the promotion, should I honor it?

  • No, the tenant can only receive the AAA promotion if they have a SpareFoot reservation. While they are in the store, have them call SpareFoot at 1-844-425-4990 or go to to make a reservation. 

Do I need to check the customer's membership card in order to honor the discount? What happens if a customer comes in without their AAA member card?

  • Yes, you must check the membership card. You are not obliged to honor the promotion unless the tenant has their membership card on hand. If the customer takes issue with this, please give us a call at (855) 427-8193, option 2, so we can help resolve it.

If a AAA member makes a SpareFoot reservation that doesn't specify they're a AAA member, should I honor the promotion?

  • Yes. However, the tenant will not receive the $20 Amazon gift card if they neglected to indicate AAA membership when making a SpareFoot reservation. Alternately, they can also call our Customer Support team at (877)-691-0042 and ask that their AAA number be added to their reservation.

What happens if a customer sees a better promotion advertised in my store? Can they get that one instead of the AAA promotion?

  • Yes, but they must choose one or the other. The AAA promotion cannot be combined with any other offers.

Can I still charge my regular administrative fee?

  • Yes. The first month free promotion only applies to rent, not any additional fees your facility charges.

How does first month free work with my billing cycle?

  • Participating facilities must honor first month free on all units for AAA members who reserve with you via SpareFoot that's a full month if you bill on the anniversary, or prorated if you bill on the 1st of the month.

How do I make the first month free promotion visible to customers on SpareFoot?

  • SpareFoot automatically displays the promotion after an administer opts in on MySpareFoot. There is no work required on your end to add this promotion in your MySpareFoot portal.

How and when do customers receive the $20 Amazon gift card from SpareFoot?

  • Once your monthly statement closes and the AAA customer is confirmed as a move-in, we will automatically send the gift card to them via email. The customer will receive the $20 gift card a few weeks later, following their move-in.

Are there any special conditions the customer must follow to receive the discount? For example, do they have to pay for the second or third month upfront?

  • No, they do not have to pay for the second or third month upfront. The terms and conditions of the AAA member offer are clearly communicated to all customers on our website and via email.

What happens if the tenant has further questions about the promotion?

  • Please have them call our Amazing Customer Experience team at (877) 691-0042 if the answer is not covered in the F.A.Q.

How do I opt into the program?

  • Check out this article that explains how to opt into the AAA partnership. 

Who do I contact if I have questions about the partnership that aren't already covered here?

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