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Setting Your Reservation Window



NOTE: This article is for non-integrated facilities. If you are taking advantage of our free integration with storage management software (like SiteLink Web Edition, Centershift, etc.), this interface looks slightly different. Click here to read that article for integrated facilities.

reservation window is the number of days in advance that you allow customers on SpareFoot to reserve units at your facility.

Sending you customers has always been our top priority, but we realize each facility has different unit mixes and occupancy needs. With the custom reservation window feature in MySpareFoot, it’s easy to adjust your SpareFoot listing based on what makes sense for you and your business.

Using the instructions below, you will be able to customize the number of days you hold a unit for a SpareFoot customer to move in and set unit-group exceptions based on the number of units available.

Note: The default reservation window is set at 60 days if no changes are made. 

First, navigate to the "Features" area of MySpareFoot.


Scroll to the "Reservation Window" section

There's no way to set an account-level reservation window. So, if you have multiple facilities on your account, you'll need to click into each facility one at a time.

Select your reservation window

Click the drop-down menu and select the number of days for your reservation window.

The options in this drop-down menu are hard-coded and are the only available options. For example, you can set a 9-day reservation window but you cannot set a 46-day reservation window.

Not sure what reservation window to set? Check out our article on best practices here.

Add Unit Group Overrides (optional)

We strongly advise using this feature if you have high occupancy at your facility. This provides you with the most flexibility as it enables you to both maximize your SpareFoot traffic while allowing more lenient rules on unit groups with less occupancy.


Here are some helpful guidelines for setting unit group reservation windows:

  • 7-14 day windows make sense for units at extremely high (98%+) occupancy
  • 21 days windows make sense for units at high occupancy
  • 30 day windows make sense for units at typical occupancy
  • 60 day windows make sense for units at low occupancy (less than 85%)


  • These windows can be larger or smaller than your general facility window.
  • Leave a unit group blank by selecting "-" at the top of the menu to default to your facility-wide reservation window.