Storable Marketplace Help

Adding, Editing and Deleting Photos


Your MySpareFoot account allows you to upload new photos, delete old ones, and to set a profile image for your facility listing.

NOTE: This article is for users whose facilities are taking advantage of our free integration with storage management software (like SiteLink Web Edition, Centershift, etc.). The interface looks slightly different for non-integrated facilities. Click here to read that article.

Step 1: Log in to your MySpareFoot account. 

 Need help logging into MySpareFoot? Check out this article for more information.

Step 2: Navigate to the Features page in MySpareFoot.

Step 3: Click on the the "photos" tab.


Step 4: To upload a new photo, click the "Choose File" button, pick the photo you'd like to post to your listing, and click the "Upload" button.


Remember, our terms of service prohibits photos that display your facility's direct phone number or website. If you would like us to edit or upload a photo for you, simply send an email to with your facility name, address and the photo attached. We'll get it added to your listing right away!

Here are some commonly asked questions about photos:

What's a default photo?

Default photos are the main "cover" photo customers will see when viewing your facility listing in SpareFoot's search results. Here's what your default photo looks like to storage-seeking customers searching on our site:


Which of my photos should I choose as my default?

Your default should be the photo that best represents your facility and makes the strongest first impression. Most facilities choose to use a high-quality landscape photo of their property's storefront. You can select any photo you like as your default, but it's best to stick to photos of your property; logos, generic stock photos or photos of employees tend to be less immediately appealing to customers, and may get your listing passed over.

How do I change my default photo?

When viewing your facility photos in MySpareFoot, your current default photo is the largest image at the top-left of the Photos window. All other photos will include a "Set as Default" button immediately beneath the image; click this button on the appropriate photo to select a new default image. Once you've changed your default photo, it may take up to 15 minutes for your changes to publish to our website.


How can I change the order of my photos?

Your default photo will always appear first. From there, your photos are displayed in the order you upload them. To change the order of your photos, simply delete them and re-upload in the order you want them to appear.

How do I delete a photo?

From the photos tab, click the trash can icon under the photo that you would like to delete.


How long will it take for my photos to appear on my listing?

Photos should publish to your listing within 15 minutes. 

What size and file format should my photos be?

Your photos should ideally be between 1 - 3 MB in size. The maximum size is 5 MB per photo. To avoid appearing stretched or off center, your photos should be formatted within a 5x3 size ratio and at least 535 pixels wide by 330 pixels tall. SpareFoot supports PEG, PNG and GIF photo formats.

How many photos should I add?

We recommend at least 3 - 5 high-quality photos of your facility for optimal listing performance on our network. Of course, 5 is not the maximum - you can add as many photos as you like! That said, too many photos of varying quality can actually hurt your listing's performance, so we advise aiming for quality over quantity.

What makes a photo high-quality?

Simply put, high-quality photos are flattering to your business and appealing to the eye. See our article about what makes a great photo to learn more.