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Setting Holiday Hours & Custom Closures for Your Facility


In this article, you'll learn how to set up closures for your facility.

NOTE: This article is for non-integrated facilities. If you are taking advantage of our free integration with storage management software (like SiteLink Web Edition, Centershift, etc.), this interface looks slightly different. Click here to read the article for integrated facilities.


Closures can be used anytime your facility will be closed during your normal business hours (e.g., in observance of a holiday, for a temporary event like an employee vacation, during facility construction or in the event of a natural disaster). Creating closures will prevent SpareFoot customers from scheduling move-ins on days you're unavailable, so it's important that you utilize this option to keep our shoppers in the loop and avoid confusion!

Keep in mind: Closures will prevent customers from scheduling move-ins on days you're closed, but your facility will still be visible to SpareFoot shoppers on these dates. Setting a custom closure will not hide your facility from our network, or prevent customers from making a reservation for a different move-in date when your facility is open. If you'd like to temporarily prevent customers from viewing your facility on our network and making reservations for available dates, check out our article on hiding your listing.

Closures are also different from your facility's regular hours. If you'd like to set, update or review your facility's listed Office or Gate/Access hours, please see our article on setting and editing your business hours

Step 1: Log in to your MySpareFoot account.

Need help logging into MySpareFoot? Check out this article for more information.

Step 2: Navigate to the Features area of MySpareFoot.



Step 3: Select Edit Hours.


Step 3: Add Your Closures.

From here, you have two easy options for creating closures at your facility:

Observed Holidays

All bank and federally recognized holidays are available for selection at the top of the Hours screen, so you can easily choose the most commonly observed dates. So, let's say your facility is closed Christmas Day. Simply select the Christmas Day check box to let customers know that you're not open on this day:


Holiday closures are permanent - if you indicate that your facility is closed on Christmas Day, our system will assume this is true every year. So, unless your schedule changes, you'll only need to set this information one time.

Once you've selected the appropriate holiday, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the blue "Save Changes" button. The closure will then be applied to your listing. Success!

Custom Closures 

What if your facility is closed on a holiday that isn't included in our list or due to a temporary event? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The Custom Closures section allows you to create a closure for your facility on any day of the year. Simply scroll down to the Custom Closures section and in the Starting date field, use the date selector to pick the day you'll be closed. The Ending date field will update automatically to the same day, creating a one-day closure at your facility. If a longer time is needed, you can select a different end date. Just keep in mind that extended closures will prevent customers from scheduling move-ins on your Starting and Ending dates, as well as all days in between. Once you're done selecting your dates, click the Add button.

Your new closure will appear beneath the date selector as an Upcoming Closure: 


:warning: Custom Closures are limited to three months at a time. If you need to set a closure for an extended period, you can add multiple closures of three months or less.
For example, if you need to be closed 5/7 - 10/31, you can create one closure for 5/7 - 7/31 and then another closure for 8/1 - 10/31 as in the screenshot below.


Removing a scheduled closure from your listing

Change of plans? No problem! You can easily remove any scheduled closures from your listing.

  • Observed Holidays: Simply uncheck the appropriate holiday in the Observed Holidays section, and click the blue Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Custom Closures: Head to the Upcoming Closures section and click the X to the far right of the closure you wish to delete: 

Once you've clicked the X, the closure will be removed from the list and your listing will update automatically. You're all set!

How closures appear on your listing

Dates that have been designated as closed in your MySpareFoot account can not be reserved on Customers who attempt to reserve during one of your closures will receive the following error:


The customer can easily select an alternative date based on your facility's availability.