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Statement Sections (OneTime)


Your statement is broken into two sections: Late Move-Ins and Needs Your Review. Each section represents a different type of SpareFoot customer, and MySpareFoot allows you to take different actions on customers in each section.

These instructions pertain to SpareFoot users under the OneTime pricing model. If you are on our RentPercent pricing model, please view our Statement Sections (RentPercent) article.

Needs your review

These are new customers who made reservations to move-in last month.

Here are the actions you can take on customers listed in this section:

Late Move-Ins

These are customers who were on your statement last month and you marked that they did not move in. Since they had scheduled move-in dates close to the end of the month there's a chance they moved in a bit late. By default, we assume that these customers didn't move in (they're marked as $0 collected), so you don't need to take any action. If one of these customers did move in late, simply click the green check box.

All through? Click "confirm!"

All through? Click "confirm!"

Click here to learn more about saving and submitting your statement.



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