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Centershift - Modifying, Cancelling and Restricting Reservations


Once a SpareFoot customer makes a reservation on a unit, their reservation will automatically show in your Centershift software. However, there may be instances in which the reservation should be cancelled or expire. Perhaps, reservations should not be allowed for certain units, such as those which are damaged or in company use, or at facilities that have met a certain threshold for availability. These modifications and restrictions can all be made in your Centershift software.

Cancelling Reservations:

To cancel a reservation in your Centershift software, you’ll need to navigate to Store > Site Manager > Rental Prospects:

 Here, you will see a list of all reservations that have neither been confirmed nor cancelled. To cancel, double click on the reservation and click the “cancel” button.

Next, it will ask if you are sure you’d like to cancel. Lastly, you’ll be asked to select the reason for cancellation.

Restricting Reservations in Centershift:

To restrict reservations on specific units in your Centershift software, you’ll want to navigate to Admin > Rental Items > Edit Rentals:

A unit will allow reservations if the Status is set to “Available”. To change this, select one of the other values under the Status drop-down such as “Unavailable”, “Damaged”, or “Rented”. Once you save, that specific unit will no longer be available for reservations.

To restrict reservations based on vacancy, you’ll need to navigate to Admin > Rules > Reservations:

Here, Centershift’s site rules will allow you to set rules for when your software will or will not allow reservations based on things like total number of units remaining or your facility’s vacancy percentage. These rules help ensure that you always have some units on hand for walk-in customers. Specifically, there are 4 rules that influence if SpareFoot will consider a unit rentable.

#1: Reservation Parameters:

  • Always Allow Reservations
  • Never Allow Reservations
  • Vacancy threshold - consider entire site
  • Vacancy threshold - consider unit type

Reservation Parameters allow you to restrict reservations based on a specific vacancy threshold at either the site (facility) level or unit level. Choosing to restrict reservations based on the vacancy threshold of the entire site could result in you having high availability of one specific size. For this reason, we strongly recommend only using “Always Allow Reservations” or “Vacancy threshold - consider unit type”.

#2: Reservation Threshold Logic:

  • Base reservation threshold on % vacancy
  • Base reservation threshold on count vacancy
  • Consider BOTH count AND %
  • Consider EITHER count OR %

Reservation Threshold Logic allows you to set conditional reservation restrictions, such as if the facility should restrict reservations if there are BOTH 3 units left AND .01% vacancy. Or EITHER 3 units left OR .01% vacancy.

#3: % Availability Threshold:

  • Free-form text for the % (e.g., .01)

% Availability Threshold allows you to manually input an availability threshold. For instance, if you’d like to allow reservations only when .01% or more of your units are available.

#4: Quantity Available Threshold:

  • Free-form text for the count (e.g., “3”)

Quantity Available Threshold is similar to #3 but instead, it allows you to manually enter a number count for your availability threshold. For instance, if you’d like to allow reservations only when 3 or more of your units are available.

Hard Vs. Soft Reservations:

Centershift allows you to choose between SOFT or HARD reservation types. This can be set in the "Reservation Rules".

  • SOFT reservations are simply courtesy holds. They do not remove units from inventory but they will show in the "Rental Prospects" screen.
  • HARD reservations pull units out of inventory by marking specific units as reserved. This helps ensure your availability is reflective of all reservations including those who still need to move in.

To set your reservation type, you'll need to navigate to Admin > Rules > Reservations:

Here, you can choose to allow EITHER Hard or Soft Reservations, to allow Hard Reservations Only, or Soft Reservations Only. Additionally, you can also choose custom expiration dates based on the reservation type you select. 

Setting Reservation Expirations:

To set an expiration for reservations in your Centershift software, you’ll want to navigate to Admin > Rules > Reservations:

There are a few different rules regarding expirations that allow reservations to “Auto-Expire” after a certain number of days. Which rules you set really depends on whether you use hard reservations, soft reservations, or both. If for instance, you use hard reservations to ensure that a reservation holds a unit in your inventory, it might be helpful to set an “Auto-Expire” for 30-60 days to ensure that customers have enough time to move-in. If they never show up, the system will automatically expire their reservation. If you use soft reservations, your expiration date could be farther out since soft reservations do not hold units from your inventory.

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