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Centershift - Creating, Editing & Syncing Promotions


Centershift's Promotions, Concessions and Discounts ("PCD") infrastructure allows you to create, edit and sync your promotions with SpareFoot. Specifically, there are 3 important screens in Centershift that allow you to set your PCD's: Definitions, Restrictions and Governors.

Creating and Editing Promotions

In Definitions, promotions can be created, edited and their attributes can be specified. To begin, navigate to Admin > Org Admin > PCD Setup > Definitions.

To create a new promotion, click the green "+" button in the Definitions screen. At the bottom of this screen, the "PCD Definition" allows you to add the attributes, or details, of your promotion. Though you'll want to be sure all fields are filled out, there are a few fields which you'll want to give special attention:

  • Name: This field dictates how SpareFoot displays the promotion. Be sure to word this very clearly and carefully (ex. “First month free!”).
  • PCD Type: This field defines our treatment of the PCD. “Promotion” will show as a promotion on your SpareFoot listing while “Rate Modification” will show as a SpareFoot price, or the discounted rate.
  • Default Discounts: It's very important that this field is correct (ex. type 50 on a 50% off promo or 100 on a $100 off, etc.) as this will allow the rate to book at the correct amount.
  • Number of Periods: This field allows you to set the number of months the PCD will last for. It's very important that this field is correct (ex. 2 for “50% off 2 months”). If they’re wrong, the customer receive the promotion as intended (for instance if periods is accidentally“1” for a 2 month promotion, the customer’s account will apply the promotion for only 1 month). Also, keep in mind that if you choose to set a SpareFoot Price, our terms of service require this price is honored for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Priority: This field must contain a “1”. SpareFoot only has access to the highest priority (1) promotions and rate modifications.

In order to edit any previously set PCD's, simply click on the PCD name you'd like to modify and make the necessary changes in the PCD Definition fields at the bottom.

Promotion Restrictions

Restrictions allow you to specify when your promotions apply, such as on specific sizes, on specific days, during high availability or through specific channels such as on your website or SpareFoot. To begin, you’ll need to navigate to Admin > Org Admin > PCD Setup > Restrictions.

To create a new restriction, click the green “+” sign in the upper right. Under “New Items” you’ll see several fields:

  • Restriction Name: This is not the name of a promotion but rather the name of the restriction. Examples of this might include “Valid at Move-In Only”, “Available on SpareFoot Only”, “Valid on Storage Only”, etc. Restriction names are not visible to customers.
  • Description: The restriction description is where you can state the details of the restriction. Such as “Storage only, not valid on parking”. These descriptions are not visible to customers.
  • Type: The restriction type allows you to set restriction dependencies such as “Vacancy by Unit Type”, “Transaction Source/Client Type”, “Day”, etc. Depending which “type” you select, a dynamic fourth field will allow you to further define the restriction type.

Lastly, the “Active” check box will dictate whether the restriction is or is not active. Don’t forget to save!

Promotion Governors

Once the promotions have been added and restrictions have been set, the Governors allow you to link the two together. To begin, you’ll need to navigate to Admin > Org Admin > PCD Setup > Governance.

You’ll see a list of all of your PCD’s. To add a new Governor:

  1. Select the PCD you’d like to restrict.
  2. Then, click the green “+” sign under “Selected Sites” and select the location you’d like that promotion to be available at. Multiple sites can be selected.
  3. Next, click the green “+” sign under “Selected Restrictions” and select which restrictions should apply to that promotion, for the specified sites.

You can also easily remove restrictions by clicking the red “-” button.

Sync Your SpareFoot Account

Once you’ve set restrictions for each of your PCD’s (where applicable) the last step is to contact us so we can sync your Centershift promotions with your SpareFoot account. This is only required on the initial configuration. After this initial sync, your promotions will automatically refresh on an hourly basis.

Keep in mind that SpareFoot can only activate promotions to sync in at the account level and we are unable to turn promotions on or off for specific facilities. However, channel based restrictions can be configured in your Centershift account through the Promotion Restrictions covered in this article.

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