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Does SpareFoot Offer Customer Move-in Incentives?


SpareFoot is continuously optimizing our network of sites to create a better storage seeker and facility operator experience. As part of an initiative to increase the likelihood of reservations turning into rentals, SpareFoot is offering move-in rebates to customers when they book storage and move into the facility they reserved on Some examples of incentives are first month free, half month free or free lock to name a few.

 Here’s how it works:

  1. A customer reserves a storage unit on or over the phone with a Customer Service agent.
  2. The customer moves into the unit they reserved.
  3. The customer follows email instructions they received from SpareFoot on how to redeem the rebate. There is a link provided in the email which takes them to a page where they upload their proof of purchase. The required documentation will vary depending on the specific offer the customer was eligible for.
  4. Once they upload the receipts, SpareFoot will email them a gift card 5-7 business days later.


What do I need to do?

Nothing different! We just wanted to let you know in case customers have questions or mention an offer which is not specific to your facility.

What do I do if customers have questions?  

You can direct them to SpareFoot’s Customer Service team at 877-691-0042.

Why is SpareFoot providing this offer?

We are continuously working to send you more rentals, and this incentive will increase the likelihood of a customer moving in.

Is SpareFoot offering the promotion to everyone who makes a reservation?

At this time, no. Currently all reservations made with a Customer Service agent over the phone will be eligible for a move-in rebate. We are testing these offers online with a limited amount of reservations.

Will I know if a customer received the offer?

Since there’s nothing different to do on your part, we don’t currently have any special identification for those customers who have been presented with a move-in incentive.

What if I also offer a promo?

The customer will still receive any promo you’re running, just like usual. The SpareFoot offer can be combined with facility promotions since it is fully paid for by us.

What are the details of the free lock offer?

Are customers encouraged to buy the lock from the facility directly?

Yes! We want customers to get the correct type of lock for their unit, especially in cases of cylinder or other specialty locks. We explicitly recommend customers reach out to the facility first to see if they sell locks and what lock is necessary for their unit.

What if the customer offer is for a free lock I already offer a free lock?

The customer can choose whether they want to get the free lock from you, or if they want to purchase one from you and receive a gift card from SpareFoot instead. However, a receipt is required if they want to redeem the rebate offer from SpareFoot.

What if I don’t sell locks at my facility?

The customer can purchase a lock elsewhere. We encourage customers to speak with the facility directly first to find out if locks are sold there or not and to ensure they get the right kind of lock.



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