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storEDGE Integration FAQs


How often does SpareFoot sync with storEDGE to get my unit information?

We do a basic unit sync hourly to update any changes to prices and availability.

If you've made a price change, please wait an hour before expecting to see it updated on SpareFoot. Other changes you'll see the next morning. If you'd like to see these changes sooner, we can manually trigger the overnight sync at any time. Just submit a ticket to us and we'll get right on it! 

Why aren’t my unit amenities showing correctly?

One of the greatest benefits of storEDGE is its high level of customization. Because of this, it’s quite possible that storEDGE users are representing the same amenity in a variety of ways (e.g. Drive Up Access vs. DU Access). If your unit information isn’t being represented correctly on your SpareFoot listing, we may need to make some updates on our end to account for these variations. Just submit a ticket and we’ll work to adjust our settings to accurately reflect your amenities.

Does SpareFoot sync facility information from storEDGE, or just unit information?  

When you first integrate your storEDGE facility with SpareFoot, we'll pull some basic facility information (name, phone number, hours, address, etc.) from storEDGE. However, we do not ever re-pull this information from storEDGE. If you make facility changes (such as new hours or a new phone number), be sure to update that information in MySpareFoot so we have all the current info. 

Can I integrate my storEDGE promotions with SpareFoot?

This is not a current feature of the integration but we are planning to add it soon! Promotions will need to be added and maintained in MySpareFoot for now, but we will be sure to let you know once promotion syncing is available.

Which rates are you showing on SpareFoot?

There are two types of rates available in storEDGE, standard and managed. Managed rates are created and maintained on the Yield Management page in storEDGE. If you are not utilizing this feature, SpareFoot will show the standard rates for your units as the list price. If you are utilizing the yield management feature, the managed rates will display as the list price.

Do SpareFoot reservations pull a unit out of my inventory?

By default, all reservations made by SpareFoot customers are set as a hard reservation, meaning an available unit will be assigned to that new lead in storEDGE. However, if your facility is set to require any sort of fees at move-in (e.g. admin fee or security deposit), SpareFoot is unable to take these payments from customers and will resort to a soft booking. The lead will still be placed in your software, but it will not be assigned a unit. This means you’ll need to make sure to follow up with SpareFoot leads to confirm their move-in so the unit is manually held for them for their move-in date.

Does SpareFoot send information to storEDGE as well?

The integration is bidirectional, which means we push and pull information from storEDGE. Anytime a customer makes a reservation on the SpareFoot network, we will push that lead into your storEDGE software. From there you can continue your standard practice for updating, following up, or moving in the lead.

How much of my data can SpareFoot see?

Good question. We're serious about your privacy, so we only look at basic information about your facility and units. All of this visibility is used exclusively to support the integration and make it as easy as possible to manage your SpareFoot account. We'd never share or sell any of the data we see. If you have concerns, you can feel free to contact us. SpareFoot and storEDGE are working together as partners to make operating your facility easy and profitable while keeping your and your customer’s privacy a top priority.