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Centershift Integration Overview


What is it?

SpareFoot’s integration with Centershift by Yardi provides seamless integration between your storage management software and SpareFoot—allowing you to get the most out of your SpareFoot account without spending the additional time.

How does it work?

Centershift's software includes a data feed of information (API) which allows your storage management software to communicate with SpareFoot's platform—ensuring accurate prices and availability on your SpareFoot listing.

What are the benefits?

  • Save valuable time: Our integration imports your price, availability and promotion information directly.
  • Always accurate: Eliminate discrepancies between your software and SpareFoot—your SpareFoot listing will automatically reflect any price or availability updates you make in your management software.
  • No-hassle billing: Don't worry about manually confirming SpareFoot move-ins every month—you're billed only for tenants who moved in. 


How do I get integrated?

SpareFoot provides guided step-by-step integration instructions as well as guided assistance from an implementation specialist who will ensure that your integration and account are ready to receive SpareFoot reservations.

Integration Requirements

  • Requires Centershift’s Store Advantage or Store Enterprise software.
  • Requires creation of SpareFoot dedicated credentials in Centershift software.
  • Requires access to aggregator API channels.