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How Do I Improve My Click-Through Rate?


Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks on your facility listing to the number of people who saw your listing on a search results page (Impressions).

After your facility appears in a customer’s search on SpareFoot, if the customer selects your listing for further review, that will register a click for your facility (the second step in the conversion funnel).  CTR is a great indicator of how appealing your facility is compared to the other facilities around it. Customers need to click on your facility listing prior to making a reservation and so it’s important that customers take that step to get closer to reserving.

Here are some ways that you can influence and improve your click-through rate:

Advertise all available unit sizes and variations – Our in-depth research of storage-seekers revealed that customers like options when looking for storage and have varying needs regarding unit size, amenities, etc. We recommend advertising all available inventory on SpareFoot in order to give customers as many options as possible and maximize potential clicks and reservations. Unit availability is also a factor in our ranking algorithm, and so providing more options can increase your facility's rank in our default search results which will increase visibility in search results and therefore greater potential for the customer to click on the listing.

Maintain Competitive Pricing – Pricing is often the biggest deciding factor in a customer's choice of facility. Online storage seekers tend to be more price-savvy and open to shopping around. Customers who are shopping for the best deal are less likely to click on a listing for more information if unit prices are higher than other facilities in the area.

Consider adding promos & discounts - Regularly research your competitors nearby and make adjustments if needed to remain competitive. If other facilities in the are offering promotions or discounts, those listings may look more appealing than one that does not.

Select a feature photo that best shows off your facility - Most facilities choose to use a high-quality photo of their property's storefront with curb appeal. Logos, aerial photos, generic stock photography, or photos of employees tend to be less immediately appealing to customers.

Aim for at least 3 reviews with an average rating of 3.5 or higher  -  Online shoppers rely heavily on the reviews of previous customers when making a decision. Our research shows that potential tenants are most comfortable with facilities that have at least 3 reviews and a review rating of 3.5 or higher. SpareFoot has got a really great Request Reviews tool, if you need to seek out new reviews from previous or current tenants at your facility.

Now that you know more about Click-Through Rate, check out the next step in the conversion funnel: Reservations.