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storEDGE is now a part of the SpareFoot and SiteLink family


We're proud to announce that SpareFoot and SiteLink have merged with storEDGE. We will continue to support and invest in all three entities. Dan Miller remains President of storEDGE and will report to Chuck Gordon, CEO of all three. We remain committed to delivering the same great experience you’ve come to expect from all companies.

Why did SpareFoot, SiteLink and storEDGE do this?

The end-to-end technology experience in self storage is disjointed. We intend to change that by building an all-inclusive technology solution for storage operators. storEDGE is a cutting-edge technology company with a strong reputation, which means they're are an obvious choice to help us further realize that vision. We look forward to offering top-notch products, seamless integrations, and more choices to storage operators as a result.

What is storEDGE?

Founded by Dan Miller in 2009, storEDGE is the fastest growing technology company in self-storage. By providing data-rich, user-friendly software, modern websites, online rental tools, cloud access control, and additional integrated services, storEDGE gives businesses the end-to-end competitive edge needed to boost rentals and maximize profits from lead to move-out. Created specifically for the self-storage industry, its professional team is dedicated to helping brands succeed with knowledgeable customer support, regular updates, and distinguished technology innovation.

Will I be working with the same point of contact and same leadership?

Yes. Your primary contacts are unchanged and you'll still work with the same teams at all three companies.

What about my data?

You own your data - that has been and will continue to be the case. There are no planned changes to how we currently treat your data, and you should continue to use your data to make informed decisions about your business.

Are you planning to raise prices?
We have no current plans to raise prices. Our prices will always be a reflection of the value we provide to your business and we'll evaluate pricing on an ongoing basis.

Will I be required to use certain products now or in the future?

Flexibility and choice are principles that we hold to be extremely important, so there are no plans to force anyone to use a specific product or service. Further integrating and investing in the combined technologies across our teams will present you with unique features and value unparalleled in the industry. We believe that once you see what our combined powers can do for you and your business, you'll want to choose us.

What's going to happen next?

We’re still committed to bridging fragmentation gaps and providing a comprehensive solution that unifies the manager and consumer experience. Now, we’ll be able to create options for you that we couldn’t before. Our customers will continue to have a seat at the table as we continue innovating and building. We welcome any questions or concerns to our team at

Who can answer my other questions?

We’d be happy to address any additional questions, comments or concerns. Please direct them to one of these team emails:, or